• Your Pearl Of Opportunity

    Years ago three men learned that there is a pearl of opportunity hidden in difficult situations. Their objective was to get jobs on fishing boats in Alaska during the rough winter season. They had no previous experience, no contacts, and after purchasing their plane tickets to Anchorage had next to nothing in the way of money. What they did have was a goal, desire and persistence.

    Stepping from the airport into the bitter cold with no place to stay would have discouraged most people with a weak or ordinary desire. But these three men did not have any ordinary desire, they were determined to get what they wanted and refused to compromise with the situation. Instead, they forced the situation to compromise with them.

    On the outskirts of Anchorage they pitched a tent and rolled out the sleeping bags. Every morning they awoke with a burning desire to get jobs on fishing boats. Each day they walked the docks in search of Captains who needed help. They offered to work for a few days on probation without pay, they checked the newspapers, talked to people they met about current job openings, visited bars where fishermen hang-out to inquire about employment and to make contacts. In the evenings they retired to their cold tent for rest and a meal of raw potatoes, unable to afford anything else.

    After a couple of weeks one of the three men scrounged up enough money for a ride by ferry to Kodiak Island. He left his two companions in Anchorage to pursue his dream independently.

    The two men in Anchorage continued to search for fishing jobs with an attitude that things could only get better. Soon they received a message from their friend in Kodiak. He had a job on a fishing boat. He had done it!

    Inspired by the news the two continued to persevere until they forced circumstances to bend to their wills. They got the jobs.

    Now these three men are valuable assets to fishing boat Captains. Hopping from boat to boat they learn tricks of the trade that only comes through direct experience. They had persevered towards their goal until circumstances were forced to swing over to their favor – and it pays them more than $10,000 a month.

    They turned a negative into a positive and found their pearl of opportunity in the midst of defeat.

    “Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the Seed of an equivalent or a greater Benefit.” – Napoleon Hill

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