• You CAN Achieve Your Dreams – Go from Information to Action Now!

    No matter what season you are reading this, it’s a great time for reflection and a time to think about what changes we’d like to make in the next season. What have we accomplished so far this year, or this quarter, or this month? What areas seemed to give us the most trouble when it comes to moving ahead and pressing forward? Where did we find ourselves “stuck?”

    If you are associating yourself with “movers and shakers,” you’ll be hearing a lot about what really is possible, and what it takes to achieve all we want, and to be all we can be. So, what are the important changes you must make to move forward, both personally and in your business? Will this season be the best of your life? It CAN be!

    I have been thinking about this long and hard for the last few weeks and I have narrowed it down to one big change that will help anyone to have their biggest breakthrough ever! I am afraid that if I share it with you, you’ll overlook it due to its simplicity. Please don’t be fooled, this one idea can transform who you are and can unleash the floodgates of what you are capable of.

    It is not an easy change, if it were then it would be common and everyone would have the life and success they desire. The late Jim Rohn, one of the greatest motivational speakers of my lifetime once said, “What’s easy to do is also easy not to do.” Success takes work, not necessarily hard work, but consistent work. Do you agree with this? The one big change you’ll want to make to reach your dreams and the level of success that you know you are capable of is this: You have to commit to implementing what you are learning and what you know. Action will move you forward! Talk may motivate you, but it’s action that makes it happen.

    Most of us (myself included) are continuously over-stimulated with ideas and information and do nothing substantial with any of them! This is the time to break that bad habit. The theme for me this year is to close the gap between information and action.  Write down any new idea that come across your mind, I believe seeing it helps to develop it. Do your research on the one idea that you are really passionate about and take action on accomplishing one task daily moving yourself closer to accomplishing the idea.

    Each new month will be yet another opportunity for you to play by a higher standard that you’ve previously experienced. Each moment that you devote in accomplishing something you have been desiring eventually you will have accomplished it.  With persistences, perservance, patient, and continuous

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