• Working At Home – Networking and Collaborating


    If you are a person who has always worked at a job and enjoyed the company of your peers and co-workers, it may be difficult for you to work at home alone. The truth is we are really not alone. In fact we have the whole world online just a click away. We have email, chat clients, forums, social networks and web conferences where we can communicate with others who are doing the same thing we are more or less.

    Networking is a very valuable function whether you are online or not. Meeting people and enjoying their company as well as benefiting from the alliances we make can be very important to us in multiple ways when we are starting a business. The people you meet online can turn out to be prospects or customers, profitable partnerships, and a source of information to us.

    Besides there being an online community for socializing and networking, we also may need some support when it comes to the actual work we are doing. This is where collaborating can be of real value. 

    Sometimes it takes that little extra bit of motivation to get us going in the right direction. If we are accountable to others this may make a big difference in the level and quality of our efforts to promote our business.

    If you are someone who actually prefers to work with others, then you might really benefit and be a benefit to others if you try to join and even form work groups. It may be in a web conference setting where you are all learning something together and can discuss any issues that may be impeding your understanding. Nothing speaks louder than experience. It is pretty certain that people will enjoy helping you and you should turn around and offer the same friendship to others in the future.

    During your offline career you acquired various skills and experience that can be relevant to your online business. Of course computer skills are a given, although you don't have to be a technical wizard by any means. The things you will need to do, you can learn. Don't be afraid that you are not technical enough because there are so many software applications and various services that will take care of the more complicated aspects of having a business online.


    Strategies and techniques for marketing and advertising are probably the most important things to learn and to share. We should never be afraid to help others because they are our competitors. You have no doubt heard the saying, 'if you succeed, we succeed' - and this is true - another truism is 'what goes around comes around'. Take the help that is out there for you and be sure to give back when the need arises. Don't worry about getting paid or that someone will get a sale and you won't. If you give you will receive.

    So get to know as many people as you can and build a relationship with them over time. Don't worry about how they will benefit you, just be a friend and you will receive the same.
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