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    succeed101-300x300I’ll Give You A Clue..

    Get Leads

    Get Leads

    Get Leads

    Get Leads..

    I think I’ve made my point now. The hard fact is that you business thrives on new leads. Even if you run an offline business at the moment, there is no point learning the best ways of communicating with your customers and providing an awesome service, if you don’t have any customers to begin with, FACT.

    A lot of the time I only hear bullshit excuses as to why it is so hard to drive traffic, why it is so hard to get qualified leads that are looking for what you have to offer. Here’s another fact for you, they are all over the internet! The web is literally teeming with people who want to buy from you, but its your job to show them and give a reason why they should buy from you.

    I am not going to go into every single lead generation method that you can use, that is for another day when I am not wiped out from a mad weekend of team meetings and partying.. Hey, I’m only human! But what I am going to say to you right now, is the most important thing to consider when starting a business online, so if you are already a seasoned marketer, you may not find this very engaging, but you’re welcome to read on!

    When you first begin, you need to know exactly how much money you want to make in the short-term, but also the long run. What I did was nice and simple, I created a 1 year goal, 5 year goal and a 10 year goal, it pretty much covers everything that I need to achieve financially, to reach my current vision. Doing this gives you money consciousness and prepares you for gaining the financial rewards, because once you know what you want to earn, you can plan from there.

    Next Steps..

    Okay so you know what you want to earn, now here’s the important part. You need to work out exactly how many sales of your service or product you need to make in order to reach your income goal. Say you want to earn 100,000 in one year, whether that’s dollars, pound or whatever, you need to break it down so its easier to achieve. For example, to reach that goal, you would need 8300 roughly in profit every month. Then you need to work out how many sales of your product you would need to make. For example if you are selling a high ticket item, say at the price of 1000,00 per unit, you would need to make over 8 sales to achieve this. From there it is easier to say how many leads you would need to generate, this will become more accurate over time, as you can measure the conversion rates from clicks that you have over the month.

    As an affiliate it is much easier to find this out, as the person whose product you are promoting, should have the numbers worked out. Once you know the conversion rate you can go from there. If the conversion rate on a 1000,00 dollar/pound product is only 1%, you need to find another product! Well I would anyway, but say it is 1%, you now know that from every 100 people who click on your product advertised in a month, whether it be external ads, or perhaps an email blast to your subscriber list, you will roughly have to make impressions on over 800 people. But this isn’t enough, you also need to consider your click-through rates which may also be low, so the % of sales drops as a result.

    Do you see where I am going with all of this?

    I’m not going to say that the numbers are concrete, but you need to track the numbers starting from the top, from the amount you want to earn and then work your way down to the point where you know how much you need to spend on advertising. This does take time and yes it will take a while before you start to see patterns in your numbers which you can take advantage of, but once you do, it will become all the clearer.


    Leads are the lifeblood of your business, you don’t need to over complicate things, keep everything simple. If you need to make 8 sales every month to get to where you want to be, focus on the activities that will mean you achieve that. Pick two marketing strategies that you like and master them. Don’t stop until you are making 10 leads a day with them virtually on autopilot, then you can start to focus on other things like other strategies, how you can better connect with your current prospects etc, focus on external activities first, don’t get bogged down with everything else. That also means the tech stuff, if you are not a computer literate person, just outsource it to someone on elance.com, or ask a friend, family member to help you, start masterminding with others who know how to get a job done and just tell them what you want!

    If you are not laser focused on lead generation at the beginning, you are stuffed, PERIOD.

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