• What Every Employer Is Looking For

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to read somebody else’s mind, and see what they were thinking? This would be great at a social gathering, where you could only walk up to people who were already interested in you, so you wouldn’t get rejected. You could also read your partner’s mind, so you would never get into a fight, and always give them whatever they wanted. One way this would be helpful would be in a job interview. Especially with the job market as tough as it is, being able to peer into their brain and give them the perfect answers would be helpful. The truth is that most hiring managers are looking for pretty much the same thing. And when you can present yourself in terms of what they want, you’ll do fine. You’ll learn how to do that in this article.

    The first thing they are looking for is somebody who is competent. If they can’t find anybody that knows the specific skill set, they at least want somebody who can learn. So if you are interviewing for a job, your first task is to convince them that you can either already do the job, or you can learn it pretty quickly.

    The next thing they want to know is that you won’t quit in six months. Hiring people is an expensive process, and the time and money it takes to train somebody is a lot. So if you start working, and then quit in less than a year, they will end up losing money. So your next task is to convince them that you’ll stick around for at least two or three years should you get hired.

    Another thing they want is somebody who can work independently. Somebody that doesn’t have to be told what to do all the time. Somebody who can solve problems that come up on their own, without calling their supervisor with every tiny problem.

    And finally, they want somebody who gets along well with others. They want a team of employees that will work well together. No manager wants to worry about people on their team not getting along.

    The best way to exhibit these skills is to give examples from your past jobs. And if you’re going to have some letters of recommendation, make sure they all indicate these qualities about you.

    When you can convince a hiring manager than you’ve got the traits listed in this article, you’ll be virtually guaranteed to get a great job with great pay. Good luck.


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