• What Causes Job Stress?

    Pressure at the workplace is something that all individuals cannot absolutely avoid.

    The world today is developing in double quick time, which is why the demands in the contemporary work environment are very much intensified. A pressure that is identified as controllable by an individual may bring about positive results such as increased awareness, motivation, and determination to learn and work harder. However, when that pressure becomes intense or otherwise out of hand, it causes what is referred to as work stress.

    Work stress results from the interaction of the worker and the conditions surrounding his work. The main causes of work stress, in general, can vary individually for each person depending on his work environment. The stress that an office employee experiences, for example, can be caused by various factors that are totally different from that of a home-based employee.

    Pile after pile of work, extended shifts, graveyard shifts, fast moving work environment, not enough support from fellow workers and supervisors, low income, psychological harassment, poor prospects for career development, and job insecurity are the most prevalent causes of work stress. Occupations outside the home and office can also lead to serious fatigue due to factors like commuting, rotating shifts, repeated talking, constant walking, etc.

    Stress experienced by work-at-home employees, however, can be caused by factors like: conflict of roles and responsibility (especially in women), difficulty in managing daily life activities and job activities, difficulty in managing time, home is the workplace (may not be conducive for the job), the presence of distractions, and domestic violence, in very rare cases).

    Some people argue, however, that work stress can also be related to a person’s personality and coping skills.

    Do you agree?

    This viewpoint suggests that depending on individual characteristics, what is stressful for one person may not be problematic for someone else. Hence, it’s quite important for employers to really study a potential applicant so they can give him a job that more or less fits his capabilities. But although the value of personality and coping abilities cannot be underrated, plenty of studies have found that certain conditions and environments are really stressful to a lot of people.

    Despite it all, however, remember that the causes of work stress can be managed. Both the worker and the work provider should work hand in hand so as to come up with the best methods to deal with work stress.

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