• Top Ideas To Be Efficient When Working

    by: Samantha Knowles

    Work-Efficiently-sliderWhile traveling, reserve a seat that lets you work. I always choose an aisle seat. I feel like I can stretch out a bit more, and can make it to the restroom without disturbing those around me. Everyone has a different seat preference, whether it be aisle or window, but either way, you will be more productive when you are comfortable.
    Avoid the chitchat.If you are trying to get things done on your flight (although I reluctantly will admit you can make great business connections en route), the last thing you need is a stranger updating you on his mother's bunion surgery. I find that the best way to politely dismiss a conversation is to break out noise-canceling headphones or power up your computer as soon as you're allowed. 
    Control your email. Who hasn't experienced frustration trying to organize their inbox? On an average work day, I can receive more than two hundred emails (some I am interested in--many I am not). This isn't a shocking number, in fact, it may even be the norm. In many professions you can spend your entire day reading, filing, and organizing your inbox. But trying to manage and organize an inbox leaves very little time to actually answer questions or evaluate information being sent. This takes tremendous discipline to master. But once you decide to look at your inbox only three times during your work day--early a.m., mid-morning, and late afternoon--you will soon discover that most can wait for a response. By focusing your time on these specific periods, you will get more accomplished and while also training the people you interact with on how they can expect to work with you.Turn off email notifications
    Gasp! What? Unless your job demands replies within minutes, checking your email can harm your overall productivity. On average, it takes 64 seconds to fully recover from being interrupted by an email, according to a study done by Loughborough University. So, locate your "Settings" or "Tools" menu, turn off your "notifications" options, and save. Unsubscribe from junk email.How much early morning productive time have I wasted deleting repeat newsletters and junk email? It only takes a few seconds to delete, but if I added this time up over the course of a year, it might be a few hours of time that could be better spent elsewhere. Look through emails that are currently in your inbox. For any that you don't read regularly, hit the unsubscribe link.
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