• Top 5 Attention Grabbers to Start Your Cover Letter

    Imagine yourself as an HR manager on a typical Monday morning. You have a cup of coffee and a stack of applications that you have to look through. Almost each and everyone are very close to being the same, but all of a sudden one stands out with an attention grabber. All of a sudden you are wake and very interested in this person. Now hopefully if you weren’t the HR manager at that time that it would be you that stands out. Nothing to worry about because we are going to give you the top five attention grabbers to make that HR manager interested in you!

    1. Dropping the name of the person who referred you:

    Nine out of ten times you are very likely to get a call for an interview if you drop the name of the person that referred you. The reason for this being is that if they hired that person; why not hire someone that is very closely alike.

    Example: “At the suggestion of John Doe, I am contacting you to express my great interest in the open position of;..

    2. Research the HR Manager:

    If you know who the HR manger is, and you really want the job, you should do some research on the individual. See if there were any articles written by them and if so, quote something from their article. Flattery can sometimes go a long way with employment.

    3. Research the Company:

    In almost every article that I have written, you should ALWAYS research the company. Keys to find out are their mission statement, future, and products that they make. Quote a recent statistic about the company or relevant article to show that you know your information.

    4. Lead with one of you most relevant successes that apply to the position:

    State astounding achievements that are recent in your career, but make sure they are relevant to the position you are applying for. Stating information that is irrelevant to the position can lead the reader in a different direction.

    5. Use Higher Level Words:

    Get out your thesaurus because HR managers love it when a cover letter applies the English language to the greatest extent. What I mean is that you should use words like “amazing”, “enthusiastic”, and “astounding” in your cover letter. These words add that spice to your cover letter and will show the HR manager that you are highly educated. Other lingo that you should research is the business that you are going into. The lingo in banking is very different than that of a mechanic.

    Using these top five tips when learning how to write a cover letter can come in very handy and will help you to stand out and say “Here I am!”

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