• Three Unusual Job Opportunities

    In today’s dynamic economy, being choosy in jobs is not an option for anyone anymore. Everybody simply wants to have a job for his/her living expenses. As long as you earn money and can pay for your everyday needs, you are good to go until you finally land a job appropriate for your skills and educational level. Due to desperation or because they’ve run out of options, some people enter jobs that you do not encounter every day. These jobs usually require minimal or no skills at all. Some don’t even require a specific educational attainment.

    TV or Movies Extra

    Some might think that job is all about fun and excitement. But even this low-profile job involves some real commitment. First, you need to look physically good in order to pass the audition. When you’ve made it in, you need to acquaint yourself with how the procedures are done. You have to be on time for the set, cooperate with the staff that will get you ready, and pass most of the time without doing anything. You basically need to work for 12 hours, and the salary depends on your record. Industry standard is about 50 pounds per day, but it changes based on the producer and type of film.

    House Sitting

    This is another unusual job that is not very easy to get into. You need to be cleared by the security agency from any criminal records and you need to leave your own house for a considerable amount of time. In house sitting, you live in someones house in order to keep it organised and safe from burglars while the owners are away. If you are registered with an agency, you will be able to choose a house to serve. People who want to spend little for this just look for relatives or friends to sit their house, which is better because trust has already been established with them. The pay varies based on the agency and length of time required to sit a house.

    Message Board Administrator

    This is one of the many online jobs that you can have if you wish to work from home. Companies that want to build an online presence hire message board administrators to provide responses to queries about their product or service. This work can be part-time or full-time depending on agreement. Experience may also be required in order to land the job. Additionally, you need to have your own computer and a stable Internet connection in order to qualify for it. The job is fairly easy, and the salary depends on what the company offers for your experience.

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