• The Steps Towards Life Fulfilment

    Have you ever had that inexplicable feeling of emptiness even after a fruitful day at work or after a great party with your dearest of friends? You think you have a well-balanced life, carefully planned and thought of, but still – there’s that feeling that something is missing.

    These are the classic symptoms indicating that one has lost his sense of purpose. This is a period when you come to the reality that all you thought that would make you happy don’t, and suddenly, all that used to make you happy no longer feel satisfying.

    Everyone goes through this stage at different points in their life. It may be at the onset of adulthood, or right smack in the middle of their success (thus the term “mid-life crisis”?). But regardless of when it is, from time to time, people must sit back and assess their lives and see how they are faring in this chart:

    FACE THE FACTS. You have to be honest with yourself – are you feeling empty because you are not at the job you want? Or did you set aside marriage to make way for career growth?  Are you married with too many kids that you have no more time for yourself? Whatever it is, you must accept the facts, because these pave the way easier in “repairing” your future.

    ESTABLISH CLEAR PRIORITIES. So maybe you devoted too much time on the unimportant things in life, like partying too much, or drinking until you “forget about your problems.” Sit down and make a list of the things that matter, and the things that don’t. When you come at these crossroads in your life, you realize that not everything you thought was terrific was as great as you thought they were.

    DEVELOP AND PRACTICE GOOD TIME MANAGEMENT. Have you noticed that when you are constantly hurrying, life just seems to pass you by, and you “don’t really notice the time?” If you are too out-of-touch because you are always rushing, your life becomes a mere string of events that you need to accomplish in order to get to the end.

    IMPLEMENT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PRACTICES. This is a reality that is too present. If you mismanage your health, you end up paying for the repercussions. Try to make the most out of your life. Don’t be weighed down by unnecessary health issues.

    LIVE BENEATH YOUR MEANS. Oftentimes, we try to search for happiness in material things – thus buying everything money could buy, so that people around us will think highly of us. Wrong. Who are you always trying to impress? If you live in a fake make-believe world, you are not living – you are escaping. If you live outside of your means, you only shorten your life by constantly finding ways to earn enough to pay for things you bought, with money you don’t have. Don’t forget that the higher the bar you have set for yourself, then the higher you need to go in order to feel even more fulfilled, Don’t get trapped in a material world.

    CARE ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER MORE. If you are nonchalant and living as though you don’t have a care in the world, then you will never achieve fulfilment. Always conduct yourself in a manner you and your future children will be proud of. There’s no pride in leaving a bad legacy.

    LEARN TO SAY NO. The best test of one’s character lies in being able to say no to temptations. Don’t succumb to the lure of money, power and fame. These are temporary, and unless these are the only things you wish to accomplish in your life, then these things don’t really bring true life fulfilment.

    BE GENEROUS WITH YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Most people achieve fulfilment by following this rule. It is never fun to go through life without being a blessing to others. If you are selfish, and refuse to help out others who are in need, one day you will realize that if and when you lose all your wealth and power, no one will come to your aid. You reap what you sow. Do good, and you will be rewarded tenfold – not in measurable terms, but in ways which leave the heart and soul feeling full and joyous.

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