• The Importance of Goal Setting

    Goal setting is the first step toward successful goal achievement. It marks your first point toward success. It is what put your life into real action mode. Without this step, the other steps of goal achievement cannot take place.

    Here are a few reasons why goal-setting is very important.

    Clarifies Your End Vision
    Without setting a goal, you will be driving in a road where you are not sure where to go. It also gives you a clear vision of what you really want. Setting a goal would help you clarify what you really aiming for. It wouldn't be good to have an ambiguous goal for you will surely be confused. 

    Look for the right words to express your goals. This way, you will know what truly excites and motivates you.

    Drives You Forward
    Your goals are a representation of your inner desires - desires which motivate you in life. The point when you set goals marks one the points when you are most connected with your source of motivation. It is when your motivation is at its peak. Having goals at your side serve as constant reminders of your motivational sources. They are the fuel which drive you forward and keep you going when the going gets tough.

    Gives You Focus

    Goals can help a person stay focused and maintain motivation to maintain certain activities required to achieve a goal, such as exercising to lose weight or saving money to buy a certain item. Goals can help direct behavior and define a person's priorities, report educators at the University of Illinois Department of Disability and Human Development. Setting goals breaks down the process needed to achieve a specific outcome.

    Forces You To Work on your Action Plan

    Having a goal enables you to focus your energies on devising ways to achieve it. When someone makes a decision and begins focusing on achieving a specific goal (and even better in a specific period of time), the powerful subconscious mind goes to work and begins playing with ideas and developing strategies of various ways to bring about the successful completion of the goal. When you set yourself a goal both your conscious and subconscious start working on it and begin to develop an action plan. You will find you begin asking yourself questions about what needs to be done to enable you to reach your goal. You may find yourselves coming up with amazing ideas and solutions to problems or obstacles that have been in the way of achieving your goal. Solutions and ideas that you are surprised you ever thought of may start popping into your mind. Our subconscious is an extremely powerful tool.

    Reminds You of Priorities

    You will not stray away anywhere if you have set a goal for it can surely remind you of what needs to be done. Doing your priorities is a sure way to reach your goals but of course, you have to know what those priorities are. You can write them down on a post it so that you can be reminded anytime.

    Encourages You To Always Do Your Best

    Sometimes, you think that you won't be able to do something. But when it is already there, you discovered that you can actually do it because you were motivated to attain your goal. Setting goals can also let you go beyond the limits that you already know and be a better, stronger person. You can even discover other skills along the way.

    Gives You Self-fulfillment

    For sure, when you are able to set goals and attain them, you will feel fulfilled and this will even fuel you more to do better in life. You will also feel happy that you were able to do something valuable in life and that you have discovered new things about yourself due to reaching a certain goal. Having the feeling of fulfilment can surely make you a happy person leading to better work attitudes and perspective in life.
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