• The Enemy Within

    Win the battle and the war, conquer your fears with faith. Fear is a thief that steals your life away. It is an unseen enemy that takes control of your life imprisons your mind and paralyzes your body. This enemy spreads like a plague, that can be passed down through generations, and taught through social heredity. It can be eliminated, you have the ability to erase it from your mind, wipe it out of your heart, and remove it from your life. By using the strength of your faith, the power of your thoughts and words. Identify the fears that have a grip on your life, keeping you from your greatness. Write down your fears or worries, you identify them, prioritize them from the most detrimental to the simpliest one. Seeing them will help you fight them when they rear their ugly heads. When you fear it you manifest it to be true, instead of fearing poverty or saying that you have nothing focus on what you do have, set goals and work on how to build on it. Maybe your fear is of getting old or dying. If so, live each day to the fullest, don’t wallow in regret of the past, be thankful for the time you are blessed with and make the most of it. Death is not the end it is the beginning of a life without sin and unhappiness. Know that with true faith in God you can do anything, it is not fear that stands in your way it is you who stands in your way. Fear and ignorance are twin sisters both seducing you into failure. Failure is not something to fear, it is a tool to be used for learning, each new obstacle is a test of your commitment and determination. Use each failure as a stepping stone to greater things to come. Feed and nuture the positive in your life so it may grow and flourish. Ignore and starve the negative in your life until you kill it like an exterminator. All experiences are lessons learned. Have the curiosity and courage of a child. Life is a stage, each day is a new performance and some are a repeat performance of the very first acts in life. As babies we are cared for and taught by loved ones, although some things are by nature process of development. Say for instance a baby lifting its head up when they are only a few weeks old. The walking process is one to remember and repeated throughout life. This you see is one of the most valuable, first is learning to stand, then you take that most important first then you fall, now some babies get right back up and try again, when others may sit and contemplate their next move and others may cry and not try again for awhile. No matter which type of baby you are, they eventually learned to walk, as in life some learn faster than others. When you look at this you note that this process is repeated throughout your life. Go back to the beginning and take note remember or ask your parents how did you handle obstacles as a baby. As babies take the next step so should you, take a lesson from them, have the faith and courage to overcome your fears and take your next step.

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