• The Black Wall Street

    This is from a recent article in the Scoop Magazine ( A Moment of Black History) and I must say that I was both amazed and devastated by this article that, I had to research it even further. This was just one of the affluent All Black communities in America in 1921. It was a place where we were working together and prospering which is what I want to emphasize. I do not want you to focus on what happen, I want you to be inspired by what was once a proud community.  Now, what happen to this town was inhumane and disheartening but what they accomplished before the devastation was astounding.  What I want to focus on is how it shows that African-Americans can create a successful infrastructure.  It was written that the dollar circulated 36 to 100 times, almost taking a year for the money to leave the community (can you say WOW).  That to me is amazing as today the money leaves the black community in a matter of minutes. They had there own businesses, doctors, attorneys, transportation and much much more.  We today need to build the black communities back up to its once former glory.  The question is not can we do it, I know we can, it not a matter of how to do it either, the question is when are we going to stop destroying, leaving or abandoning our communities and start rebuilding them and circulating our money back in them. Below is a Youtube video I found of interviews of survivors of this once wonderful and inspiring community.

    Our time is NOW to support each other, promote positivity, rebuild those black infrastructures of our fore fathers. We have the capability, we have the knowledge, the financial capability and the time so let’s get it done and let’s do it bigger and better than it was before. Let’s repeat history and build those strong black communities again. In the words of our great President Obama, “Yes We Can!”

    To read the complete article on Black Wall Street go to http://www.scoopusanewspaper.com.

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