• Teach The Students Different Methods Of Making A Resume

    How To Create An Example Resume For Students

    Teaching a student how to write a resume is important. Therefore, all teachers 
    should be able to make an example resume for students. Business teachers can use them to teach students how to get a job. English teachers can use them to help 
    students improve their writing skills. Civics teachers can use them to help 
    students find work within the government. 

    Explain The Different Parts Of The Resume

    It is important that an example resume shows the student exactly what should be 
    included as well as why it is needed. For example, the student should be shown 
    that their contact information goes on top of the resume. There should also be an
    explanation as to why this information is important. When writing a resume, there
    is no room for even the smallest of mistakes in regards to proper formatting. 

    Talk About What Should Not Be Included In The Resume

    There are many common resume mistakes that job applicants make. It may be a good idea to include some of these in the example resumes that you create for your 
    students. You can then talk to the students about why these items should not be 
    included. For example, you could use a photo in your example resume. Employers 
    don't need a photo with your resume because they are not allowed to use gender, 
    age or race to determine who gets the job. Including spelling and grammar 
    mistakes in the resume can be a good idea as well. It will show the students 
    that poor spelling and grammar make you look unprofessional. 

    As the business world evolves, resumes are going to evolve as well. Job seekers 
    are already using video formats to send their resumes out to employers. Children should be exposed to these different types of formats before they graduate from 
    high school. While no child needs to create a video resume, it is a good idea to get kids thinking outside the box when it comes to creating a resume. They need 
    to know that what they are really trying to do is communicate their skills to 
    employers in a concise and coherent manner. 

    Allow Students To Create Their Own Resumes

    Students should be given the opportunity to create their own resumes as they gain
    work experience. As they progress through school, kids should be encouraged to 
    keep a list of any work or volunteer experiences that they have had. This will 
    give them a framework for their first resume. It will also come in handy when 
    they need to fill out an application for their first job. This is because all of the information that they need will already be written out ahead of time. 

    There are many great ways to teach students about what does and does not go on a resume. Showing students how to write a resume now will give them the valuable 
    experience that they will need if they hope to find a job in the future. 
    Eventually finding a good job is what school is supposed to be all about.
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