• Taking Responsibiity

    We are not a product of our environment but a product of our choices. We command what and who we allow in our lives and we must take responsibility for the results of our actions. We are taught from a large number of people right from wrong from the bible, our parents, teachers, mentors, to our religious organizations even television. We share both the ability for good and evil inside us and it is our conscious choice to be either good or bad. As people we make conscious choices and as a result we invite the people and situations into our lives. In order to fight the negativity that presents itself to us we must make a conscious choice not to participate in it and fight it with positivity. We must reframe from listening to it, reading it, watching it and spreading it. Each of us has the ability to stop it. We feed it as we broadcasting, we surround ourselves with it. Why is it that sex and bad news sells more than abstinence and good news? Why is it we are so anixious to hear about someones failures instead of their success? We are constantly separating ourselves from God with the hate we feel for ourselves and others. Let’s take a look at television, you are bombarded with news, reality tv, talk shows feeding off peoples misery. Positive shows come on changes you never heard of, when did we get to the point where using profanity on tv and radio is alright. Why is it the old way is no longer working or is it that we are now lapsing in our morality and values. I pose a challenge to the mothers and fathers to take the children back to a time when morals and values mattered. Stop promoting greed, anger, envy, lust, gluttony, sloth and pride these are just the beginning. Instead of being anger or jealous of someone or anyone’s success, why not congratulate and ask them how you can begin the road of success. We don’t have to have more we choose to have more than we need, we don’t have to eat the all of it and go back for seconds and thirds we choose to and then we lay around and complain about our weight. I am not passing judgment I am asking for each of us to take the challenge of doing and being more positivity. Let’s teach our children love of self and not love of things. The only person we can change is ourselves and with that change will grow. Hate comes from self hate to hate someone else you must harbor great since of self-hate. God made us each unique by his hands no man is better than another, which have talents and gifts to share with the world. If we do more encouraging and less discouraging we will have less desire to over indulge in drugs, alcohol and sex (faithful married couples not included). Strengthen yourself with positivity affirmation, tell yourself what you can do not what you can’t. Look at what you feel is great about you and ignore those who find fault with you, accept the way God made you and love yourself because he loves you too.  Make a commitment to God and yourself to live a positive life.  Do not let situations and others dictate the way you live or who you are.  Get to know yourself, like yourself and love yourself and let God do the rest.

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