• Take A Step Back

    Take a step back from your everyday life, ask yourself the questions to find the answers that you seek. Have you encountered new challenges, a break up in your relationship, laidoff from your job or just overwhelm by your job, your children out of control. What do you do to handle these situations without loosing your mind, your composure or your positivity? Well, first you say a prayer asking for strength and direction, then you take a step back. Examine each challenge individually the answers are always right in front of you if you just take a step back and focus on the big picture, not the minor detail. Ask yourself were you truly happy in the relationship or were you just comfortable, afraid to be alone or because you invested so much time, did you still like the person you say you loved? Were you happy at your job or were you just afraid to start over, do something new or is it the bills that you acquired while living beyond your paycheck? Why is your child acting out, then look at your own childhood behaviors (something some parents tend to forget) most children act out for a cry for help or attention, so ask yourself how can I help? If your overwhelmed is it from lack of sleep (too much overtime, partying etc.) or maybe you need to be more organized or to get organized to manage your life. The end of any situation is like a grieving process, you feel a sense of loss but as time marches on you may find the somethings that end are for the best, just don’t keep yourself stuck in that time as time goes on. Avoid drama, drugs and alcohol they only add to the problem. Every question has an answer and every problem has a solution so take a step back and look for your solutions.

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