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  • Guess What Your Children are Texting!

    Posted on May 31, 2010 by pbimultiplex in information, life, tips.

    Parent Service Announcement! This is to make you aware of some of the things your children are texting and some of the websites you can see what the acronyms mean. See what your children don’t want you to know. 143-I love you. FB-Fk Buddy. GNOC-Get Naked on Cam. DUM-do you masturbate. GYPO-get your pants off IIT-is itg tight. IMEZRU-I’m easy are you. IWSN-I want sex now. J/O-jerking off. KPC-keeping parents clueless LMIRL-let’s meet in real life. NIFOC-nude in front of computer. PAL-parents are listening. PAW-parents are watching POS-parents over shoulder. PIR-parents in the room. RUH-are you horny. WTF-what the fk. TDTM-talk dirty to me. MOOS-member of opposite sex. MPFB-my personal […]

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  • Save the Children

    Posted on April 30, 2010 by pbimultiplex in information, life.

    Last week, I was devastated to see a little girl around my daughter’s age (13) in handcuffs at the children’s hospital. I have no idea of what see did to be placed in handcuffs but just to see it hurt me to the heart.  As a mother it sadden me to see this little girl with these two police men at her side. I wondered what she could have done and wonder where her family was, how did we get to this point where children are committing crimes.  In Philadelphia they have had children forming flash mobs and mugging adults, racial gang fights in schools the violent crimes committed by children increasing.  Where is […]

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