• Starting AND Finishing Your Projects

    Do you often find yourself at the starting gate, but somehow never actually get started?

    You have done ALL the due diligence you can do at this point, without breaking the bank. You have company you like, you have found your perfect URL, you have found the perfect hosting package, you feel like you are on a roll, then NOTHING. All that work and effort just fizzles out. 

     This is something that I am still guilty of, believe it or not it really grinds my gears!

    There are so many great ideas that end up withering away because of a variety of reasons, it can be because of self-doubt maybe even procrastination.

    If that sounds like you, then you need to introduce some active inertia into your life.

    Active inertia is what happens when you commit to a project or an idea which will move along and PULL you along with it. In effect what happens is that the idea/project begins to drive itself, and takes you along for the ride.

    How do you get active inertia?

    It's not something that you can go out and get in the shops, you get it little by little, you will bring the project to life. 

     Firstly, you make it real - some people feel that putting it in writing is the only way that you can do this effectively, personally I find that telling close friends and relatives does just that for me. I do this because I work better under a little bit of pressure, so telling people about my plans, gives it momentum that drags me along with it. 

     Secondly, make it urgent - impose a real deadline on yourself, this is where I feel telling people helps, because it serves 2 purposes telling people makes you put a deadline on when you want things completed by, or at the very least be a way point to check for progress. 

     Thirdly, you should make it important, from personal experience I have found that you CAN control your interest in any particular thing you are interested in. If you find ways to make your plans vital to your life, they will, vitalize your life. 

     Finally, build in momentum. It is a lot more difficult to stop something once you have started it, it pays to think about your idea or project three maybe four steps ahead, because when you do this you will find that completing one task will just push you along to the next step in the process.

    Think about it like this, A line of dominoes is virtually impossible to stop once it has started toppling, but every domino has been put in place long before the first one was knocked over. Knocking over that first piece just carries that momentum onward till all the dominoes have collapsed. 

     If you start implementing these for steps then you should find that less and less projects or ideas will ever be left to wither and die. Using active inertia will see through the procrastination phase and see you through getting your ideas of the starting blocks, and drive you towards the finishing line every time.
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