• Sex, Relationships, Success?

    It has been said that the most powerful and successful people of the world are also highly sexed natures. That sex is one of the most effective stimuli to recharge the mind, providing that the contact of the man and woman is genuine through mutual feelings for one another. It is often said that a woman can either make or break a man and throughout history the most successful and powerful men have had intelligent supportive women on their side.  It is a know fact that a healthy relationship, healthy sex life and a healthy state of mind all contributes to great success.  Do you agree? If not why? Can you become successful without healthy relationships, can you do it alone?  Is sex helping to recharge your brain or is it keeping you from focusing on what you need to do.  In each relationship whether it is with a spouse the chemistry between you must be in harmony for relationship to withstand the ups and downs.  It is when one partner no longer believes or wants the same things the relationship ends.  We each know when the change happens but some try to change the other or themselves to compensate for the change. To be successful in anything you do, it is said, you first must be mentally healthy and that you must be united in your desires. You can not be mentally healthy if you are constantly surrounding yourself with negative influences or maintain a healthy relationship when you each want different things.  The enemies you must overcome are ignorance, illiteracy and poverty. You can not help or fix someone else until you first help or fix yourself.  If you truly want success and all that comes with it, you must first become mentally, physically and financially healthy.  You can not do this if you have negative partners, friends, family or environments blocking your view of the road to success. No matter what you must possess the tact, patience, persistence, self-confidence and knowledge of self with the ability to adapt inorder to become successful.

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