• Seniors’ Job Opportunities Are Very Real!

    Seniors’ job opportunities are within the grasp of all older workers!

    Are you over fifty years of age, and have you fallen victim to the belief that there just aren’t any employment possibilities lurking in the underbrush for you, or anyone your age?

    Do you buy into the current rumor that all the good employment is now being grabbed up by youngsters that can only vaguely recall the Second World War?

    In fact; some of them don’t even remember who Ted Williams and Frank Sinatra were!

    Wake up!

    It is true that the job market has run aground on the coral reef of recession. But this type of down turn has happened before, only much worse.

    Remember the “Great Depression”? Didn’t we work our way through that beast even though there were some very scary moments?

    Believe this outstanding reality! There are very real, honest to goodness job opportunities for senior citizens out there even as we speak.

    Right this very moment, there are businesses in the workplace that need some one with precisely your talents and skills to fill job openings!

    Doesn’t that knowledge get your juices flowing again?

    Isn’t that enough reason for your kicking off a real, honest to goodness planned job search for yourself?

    Maybe you don’t know exactly where those job openings are.

    But, they don’t know where you are either! And they sure aren’t going to come knocking on your screen door while you are watching quiz games on TV.

    Stand up tall and repeat this to your self three times in succession!

    I am now taking charge of my future, and I will find the perfect job for me!

    Write this promise down on a piece of paper in bold letters! Then stick it on your refrigerator with one of those little magnetic gizmos made for such things.

    Good things don’t happen to anyone by pure chance! You’re now going to take hold of your personal job search and make big things happen for you!

    Sit yourself down at your kitchen table or desk, grab up a tablet of paper and a good pen and make a list of five topics.

    Realize that this is your personal work sheet and is not available for anyone else to read, unless you want them to

    Write down the following statements!

    1. What kind of job do I really and truly want for myself? Don’t just jot down the employment openings you heard about and think you can get. Write down only the jobs you want!

    2. List the jobs you have actually held during you life. Did you deliver newspapers as a kid? Write down all the skills it gave you.

    3. List the jobs you actually performed for past employers. Did you clean floors, wash windows, run some kind of equipment, wait on customers, keep records of something as part of your job description? Itemize them honestly! These are the building blocks for your new job action plan.

    4. How did your personal activities at each employment affect the overall operation of the business?

    5. This is kind of a tricky one, and it may involve some head scratching. Why did you leave the job? If you were terminated, it would be best to be truthful.

    When you’re done, list some of your hobbies! Don’t laugh, think about it.

    Do you like to bowl or go fishing? How about gardening?

    Can you imagine the skills you have acquired from these activities? Do you repair your automobile yourself? Make a note of it!

    Finally, make a comprehensive list of all the various employers that would find your skills invaluable.

    There are seniors’ job opportunities all over the landscape! But only write down the ones you would actually enjoy working for.

    Be proactive! Use your imagination!

    After all is said and done, finding and getting any job is in your hands alone!

    But it is completely doable, and somewhere on this planet there are senior citizens successfully doing it right now!

    Go for it!

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