• Searching For A Job: Find Out Where To Look

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    If you check the latest unemployment figures, it can be a bit disheartening. It’s now hovering up around 10% which is high. Even though if stop and think about it, even in the best of times the unemployment rate was still averaging around 5%. So really it’s only about 5% higher than it normally should be. So the fact is that there is still work out there and employees are still hiring. It’s just that the jobs are 5% harder find.

    Now if you’re among the many long-term unemployed who are having trouble finding work, you should know that there are business sectors that have been relatively unaffected by the recession. Areas of the economy were you can still find companies operating as if nothing has changed so they’re still hiring on a daily basis. What you need to do is research to identify just what these businesses are.

    The petroleum industry is a perfect example of one business sector that has been experienced growth in the midst of this recession. The price of gasoline only continues to go up. Driven by demand and consumption it’s going to continue to go up on into the future. So there are jobs in this business sector open right now but don’t go down to your local gas station to find one because that’s not where you want to look.

    What I’m referring to is oilfield and refinery work in states like Texas, Wyoming, and most particularly Louisiana. Southern Louisiana in particular is peppered with oil processing facilities where we’re if you can pass a basic physical and periodic drug tests there’s a job waiting for you right now were can start in at up to $18 per hour. It gets even better than that too if you have specialized skills or training in fields like welding, electronics, and materials transport.

    Then if you’re looking for real big money, would you believe that their are jobs right now in the commercial fishing industry in Alaska that pay up to $20,000 a month? Well you can believe it because it’s true. However, you need to know the work on a commercial fishing boat is one of the toughest jobs you can find. Working conditions are hazardous, the weather’s freezing cold at times, and commercial fishermen often work 20 hour shifts.

    So there are openings right now in the United States, and while these are for sure not by any means glamour careers, nonetheless they are jobs that you can support a comfortable lifestyle with. What these examples also point out, is that if you’re long-term unemployed you may need to change your strategy and start looking outside of your area for work. Also you need to come to terms with the fact the you may have to work in an unfamiliar field.

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