• Practical Steps And Tricks In Promoting Your Online Business

      With the rapid expansion of the internet, promoting your online business is easier and requires less cost compared to the traditional ways of advertising. There are several ways you can promote your online business more effectively without spending any money.     Write Keyword Rich Articles A well-written article with quality and relevant content is an effective tool in promoting your online business for free. You can submit your quality articles to article submission site like EzineArticles Submission Directory. You as the writer also become an expert in your professional field and your reputation as an expert brings an enormous amount of traffic to your website. As an expert, you are able to influence your readers to try your product or utilize your services.Keyword optimized articles are also capable of boosting your Google rank. The key to doing this aside from including keywords to your article is to include links which will allow search engines to point your customers to your website. Don’t forget to create content that your customers will love while at the same time advertising your product or service. Join The Social Networking Fever Social networking sites are great tools in promoting your online business for free.You can utilize Twitter which is a great medium for promoting your business to your followers. Also check out MySpace and multiply which offers a wide variety of features to advertise your business for free. Don’t forget to create a LinkedIn account if that is appropriate for your industry as it is a very powerful networking site specifically targeted towards businesses and professionals. YouTube YouTube is a really great site to promote your business. Even big companies are now using YouTube to promote their products for free. YouTube is a video-sharing site where small and big companies can promote videos about their business to billions of users to see. If you have interesting videos about your product, upload them on YouTube for everyone to view. You can also display your YouTube videos on your site to increase your web traffic. Create your own channel and use all the free features of YouTube to your advantage. You can also add and approve friends as well as comment on other people’s videos. Blogging Blogging is the best way of promoting your online business. This is because, blogs rank highly in the search engines. Therefore, when you start one, the chances of it ranking in the search engines will be high. Writing quality content and submitting them on your blog is very important because search engines love quality content. Do not use duplicate content or use other people’s content, because this might get you penalized by the search engines. Pinterest Pinterest is an increasingly popular choice for businesses wishing to build their following online and engage in some free promotion. It is especially powerful as a marketing tool for retail and lifestyle businesses. Here’s why we think that you should try Pinterest, if you have not already joined millions of others who are benefiting from this amazing image blogging platform. Pinterest is a huge social network of picture blogs. Each image that is ‘pinned’ can have a link added to it and users are able to create themed boards in which to store their pins. Very quickly, it has turned into a huge scrap-book of internet users’ interests, wants and wishes. And this is why it has attracted the attention of e-commerce. The demographic for Pinterest is predominantly female; they make up the largest percentage of users regularly using the site. This female audience tends to be economically stable with a healthy disposable income. In addition they are highly fashion conscious and interested in items for the home, family and in travelling, cookery and all things retail! As a result, their boards have quickly become huge commercial wish lists of much desired and coveted shoes, handbags, outfits, cookery tips, and style ideas for family events, homes and interiors.From a marketing and promotional angle, this kind of audience provides rich pickings for many commercial enterprises. Because the behavior of Pinterest users centers on users posting items they like, have or want, it is perfect for any company wishing to promote itself and put its products right in the spotlight. If your business retails any items to this demographic, you really should be considering Pinterest as a promotional tool. The next step is to create a range of interesting and eye-catching boards that have themes which will be of interest to your customers and Pinterest users. For example, if you are a shoe retailer, then create boards for different colors, or seasons. Don’t stick to only pinning images of shoes though, you should aim to pin a variety of images which create virtual mood boards and design concepts that can be shared. The whole point of Pinterest is to pin gorgeous images that have links within them leading a pinner straight back to your website. It is a natural, free, and highly effective back-link. The easiest way to do this is to post the images onto your website with some information and then pin them directly to your Pinterest board.At the moment, Pinterest is still free so the time is now to act and get as much free publicity as possible. As the number of users grows, we believe that it will not be too long before commercial users are charged for promoting goods on Pinterest. They are already offering promotional and advertising opportunities to companies. So, get cracking now and build your following as much as you can before there are additional charges involved in doing so. Re-pin others’ pins too. This is a great way of building up your collections, learning what is popular and finding followers for your own boards. The more you pin the more people you will attract. And if you are sharing high quality images that lead to excellent content that your customers can respond to, you will see your following increase and a positive influence on sales too.Pinterest is very different to Facebook and Twitter. There is much less direct, one-to-one communication, and the focus is always on the image. There are some similarities however. The site uses the hash tag method of tagging pins so they are easier to find, and the search facility allows you to search for specific topics, or users. When you are pinning your own pictures and creating boards, ensure you use hash tags and common descriptive terms so that your boards and pins are easily found in searches too. For each of your pins, insert a caption or description and add a hash tag descriptor too. These can include your own specific keywords that you use for SEO. In fact, we highly recommend you do this. It will increase the level of activity associating your business with these keywords.Another important step toward taking full advantage of Pinterest is to encourage others pinners to post your content. This is done by simply adding a ‘Pin it’ button to all your content. When a user likes what they see, they can click the button and pin your content onto one of their boards. Remember however, that this will only happen if you make your content Pinterest friendly, that is, you use images that lend themselves to Pinterest. When it comes to social media, there have been many articles and webinars about how to succeed and build a following. And there has been a great deal of discussion online about whether these platforms really do help to build online businesses. We believe they do. However, it is not a quick fix and does take time and commitment to build a healthy and loyal following. If you are presenting your online business in an effective way, and targeting the right demographic, you will have success. Think carefully about your type of business. Spend some time on Pinterest and see how it works and who uses it. This will help you decide whether it will be beneficial to your online business promotion.Finally, I only urge you, not to just read them but to apply them. You should know that, nothing happens until you take some action. You will only see the results that you want after using one of the methods above.

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