• Numerology To Determine Career Path

    Whether you are thinking about a career in health, education or futures trading, numerology can actually help you determine what will be right for you personally. Even if you have always considered a career as a doctor to be part of your future, you may be better suited for the field of commodity futures trading. In order to help you understand your future in a new light, numerology can illustrate some points about your career path.

    For those who do not know, numerology examines how numbers influence and affect us. Each one of us has a numerology profile, and there are several numbers within that profile which concern our career possibilities. In order to better understand our options, we much take our Life Path and Heart’s Desire numbers into consideration. These numbers from our profile are computed through the use of our name and date of birth or via an astrology birth chart (put together by a professional). Once you have your numbers ready to go, you will be able to interpret your future’s holdings. Up first is the number one. Those whose Life Path or Heart’s Desire number is one are born leaders. These individuals strive to be at the front of the pack and desperately want to lead others in life. Because of this need to take on a position of leadership, number ones will excel in business and other opportunities that allow them to be the boss. Small business ownership will thrive under their control, but they will be just as well-suited for a career in politics.

    Anyone whose profile conjures up a two wants to take care of others; these people tend to exude love and desire peacefulness. They want to ensure that their personal relationships do not suffer because of a job, and would do well in careers which allow them to exercise their empathy. Number twos work well as nurses, counselors and social workers. Because of their fair-minded nature and well-balanced diplomacy, they also excel in professions that require these characteristics. Fun-lovers feature a number three as their Life Path or Heart’s Desire digit. In addition to having a good time, threes can also be creative-minded and excel at jobs which involve executing creative ideas such as copywriting or wedding planning. Designers often find that their Life Path number is a three.

    Some of the greatest career climbers feature a number four in their profile. These people are hardworking and practical. They work well with other and are able to create long lasting business partnerships. The bold individual with the number five in his profile has difficulty settling into a routine, but can be an excellent freelance worker. Writers or web designers who work from home which is wherever they throw their hat are often fives. The nurturing six makes an excellent teacher as well as an excellent parent. Because they are so good at caring for others, a job that doesn’t take this into consideration just does not seem like an option.

    Number sevens are deeply intuitive and are talented when it comes to establishing their own small companies. Eights are very focused on profitability and have great luck with money. The intuitive number nine excels in a profession where he is able to put his organizational skills to good use.

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