• Lessons from Success

    Until definite goals and a definite purpose are define the unending circle of failure will continue to block success. In order for you to find success you have to find or seek your niche in life. Unless you choose a definite purpose your thoughts and energies will be scattered over different subjects and directions that will lead to no where. For example if you use a glass you can focus the sun-rays focused on one spot it will burn but if you remove the glass and the same rays of sun will shine on the same place forever and will never burn it. Establishing a team of allies is one of the most important aspects of the foundation of success. Here is a story I read that gives a great example of this principle, a man with no legs met a man who was blind they formed an alliance that benefited them both greatly. The man said to the blind man let me climb on your back, you will be my legs and I will be your eyes. Between the two of us we will get along more rapidly. Out of a team effort comes greater success. This point is worth repeating. Developing a habit of focus and working on your definite purpose are essential to success. One leads to the other. Some notable examples are: Warren Buffet concentrated his mind on stocks and investing and became one of the richest men in America. Bill Gates concentrated his mind on his software company that he started in his basement and now is the richest man in the world. President Barack Obama concentrated his mind on being president and now he is the 44th President of the United States and made history as the first African-American President. All who are successful have definite, outstanding aim as the object of their work. Search for that one particular endeavor, make it the object of your focus, organize your resources and go after it with a vengance like you are unbeatable. In your search for the best work that is best for you keep in mind that you will find the greatest success if you find an endeavor that you can put your whole heart and soul. Keep your thought or idea in your focus, let it dominate your concious and subconcious until you are forced to action and lead to ultimate success.

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