• Know your Child’s Learning Style

    Here is an article By Thomas R. Hoerr, Ph.D. we have come across in our effort to keep you in the Know. This is an excellent article for parents to get to know their childrens learning style which will better enable you to understand and help your chilld with educational difficulties as well as help them excel.


    How Is Your Child Smart?

    Boost your child’s success by understanding his learning style.

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    By Thomas R. Hoerr, Ph.D.

    Over two decades after Howard Gardner identified multiple intelligences in his ground-breaking book Frames of Mind (1983), educators around the world have been using the theory of multiple intelligences in their classrooms. In some ways, parents and teachers have always intuitively known that children learn in different ways and that an activity that grabs one child may not be of interest to another. But many of our traditional ideas about teaching imply that there is a certain way to learn particular skills. As parents, we’ve all had times when we’ve become frustrated by our children’s apparent inability to accomplish a task the way we were taught to do it. When we have a better understanding of their individual intelligences and learning styles, we can provide experiences that speak to how our children learn best. Full Article

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