• Is your Comfort Zone holding Back Your Inner Entrepreneur?

    lifebeginssmallMany people look for home based business ideas but even if they find something they like,they don’t do anything about it. Whilst the idea of earning some extra income with a ‘part-time’ home business or even working full-time for yourself sounds great, it is understandable that people want to stay inside their comfort zone. Where they are now is probably safe, not open to criticism and there are no tough decisions to make.


    Despite these so-called “benefits” of staying inside your comfort zone, you’re really doing yourself a disservice if you spend all your time thinking about home based business ideas but are not taking any action.


    Here are 4 reasons why staying inside your comfort zone is ultimately doing you no favours at all:

    1) By Doing Nothing, Nothing Will Happen.

    If your life is not where you want it to be then you can blame other people all you like, but you are the only one truly responsible for your circumstances. If you stick to your comfort zone, to what you know, without ever-changing, how can you expect your life to get any better?

    2) You Cannot Develop Until You Reach Out.

    If you never reach outside of your comfort zone, you’ll never start with any home based business ideas. All the entrepreneurs with the top home based businesses were anxious before they started. Just like you, it wasn’t easy for them to try something new and then get good at it. It takes time, training and dedication.

    Every time you take a small step outside of your comfort zone, you grow as a person. Your comfort zone grows that much bigger as a result, making it easier and easier to push yourself to new limits.

    3) You’ll Never Discover The Real You.

    If you stay to what you already know, then you’ll never discover your hidden entrepreneur. Even if you think you’ve already found it, there are a whole variety of home based business ideas out there that could really fulfil your life. Taking calculated business challenges brings out your entrepreneurial spirit. This will show you that you’re a lot stronger than you ever thought you were and, in turn, this will make it easier to try any number of new things in the future.

    4) Holding Back Can Be Worse.

    If you know you’re holding back and staying within your comfort zone it can make you feel uncomfortable. All day you’re thinking that you should be doing more. When these thoughts become part of your everyday life it’s time to push forward and really get your home based business ideas into action.

    It’s not about leaping in with no clue where you’re going. It’s about taking a step by step process with the best work at home business that works for you. This way you will begin to see progress on what you genuinely want to accomplish.

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