• Impressing Those Robotic Recruiters

    Love them or hate them those lovely robotic like recruiters are here to stay, and, this might come as a shock to some of you, they are actually human! No, they do not recharge connected to a power point at night they do sleep like you and I, they even eat and occasionally you may just see one attempt to break into something resembling a smile.

    Their Job

    Often referred to as ‘head-hunters,’ not the most flattering of nicknames if you ask me, makes them sound like decapitation nutters! The job of the recruiter in a nutshell is to match specific people with specific suitable jobs. They can work as self-employed individuals or as part of a recruiting team, they might search you out for a position or you might indeed seek their help in searching for a specific job. Whatever circumstances surround how you meet one thing is for sure and that is the recruiter should be deemed as your new best friend, treat them well and always show them respect.

    Making an Impression

    So how exactly do you make an impression on a recruiter? Well everyone likes to feel needed so you could begin by actually asking him or her questions and requesting their advice, ensure that anything asked is relevant to the topic. Do not waste their time with trivial, meaningless questions. Recruiters are generally exceptionally busy people so always respect their time and appreciate them sharing it with you.

    When attending an appointment with a recruiter always aim to arrive early, not ridiculously early but perhaps 5-10 minutes early. Arriving late and flustered will make an impression but completely the wrong sort of impression, you will not be taken seriously if you cannot even make a simple appointment time. Showing up slightly early displays organisation and as recruiters have to be organised individuals, this will gain you instant respect. Another great way to earn their respect is by being completely honest regarding past employment, schooling and job experience. If you can be truthful, it shows you can be trusted, so for instance if there is an area of your schooling that you did not excel in and you found a struggle, up and say so. Do not hide behind positive but untruthful words such as, “Every subject was great” or “I really enjoyed my time at school,” be honest.

    If a recruiter contacts you always, always reply promptly. Do not think that making them wait will impress them in some way because it will not, recruiters are not known for their immense levels of patience so do not sit back and wait, reply immediately. You will show that you are keen and willing by answering them quickly and believe me this is what they are searching for; they do not wish to be bothered by time wasters.

    Show gratitude. Recruiters love to be thanked. By being appreciative you are showing manners, you are being polite, a simple and basic attribute that is easy to forget. You can always contact a recruiter initially with your CV/Resume; did you know though that most CV/Resumes are never even read? Recruiters receive such a high number that unless they catch their eye instantly they are dismissed and if they do happen to be read they are only scanned through initially. Your CV/Resume has to be polished and very professional and my advice, if you are unsure that you can produce this yourself approach someone to do it for you, it does not cost the earth and a poor CV/Resume could cost you a job opportunity.

    A cover letter speaks volumes to a recruiter as it proves you are willing to go that extra mile and put in the effort, it presents you with the chance to add any extra information that you feel is relevant but is not on your CV/Resume.

    If you are invited for an appointment, send a thank you note, an e-mail is acceptable.

    To Sum-Up

    You have now learnt that recruiters are human beings, they enjoy respect, gratitude and observing a professional attitude in potential employees. Treat them as you would expect to be treated yourself, try to imagine the qualities you would look for in a person and display them to the recruiter.

    Above all always, be professional, punctual and polite. Try to relax, easier said than done I know, but if you are calm you will find it easier to remain completely focused on what you are doing.

    Do not turn into a potential stalker, being persistent for the outcome following an appointment is one thing but constantly pestering is another and will not be appreciated. To win a recruiter’s approval simply act as a refined human and you will do just fine.

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