• How to Use Affirmations to Attract More Abundance to Your Life

    According to the Law of Attraction, we attract whatever we think about or give our attention to, regardless of whether the objects of our thoughts are desired or not. In other words, our relationship with the Universe is such that it brings to us the things that match exactly with our thoughts. This means, if we give our attention to negative thoughts, then we will bring negativity into our lives, whilst positive thoughts are matched by receiving what we might see as the good things in life. It is the law of attraction that is expressed in the biblical saying whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" Galatians 6:6-8, and various other common statements such as "As you think, so you are" and "What goes round comes round."


    Now, the law of attraction works through the subconscious mind. Because our subconscious mind is in tune with the Universe, it is through this that we attract the things that we think about. When a thought goes out from our mind, it passes through the subconscious to the Universe, which in turn responds by sending the originator of the thought the exact equivalent of that thought, somewhat akin to the "action equals reaction" law of physics, which states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    It follows therefore that in order to use the law of attraction to change our life, we have to find a way to influence the subconscious mind to put out to the universe more of the thoughts that will result in the things we want in life - and the most effect way of exercising influence over the subconscious mind is through the use of the technique of visualisation. There are in fact five components of visualisation that form a complete practice, one of which involves the use of affirmations.


    The Role of Affirmations

    As already alluded to above, the object of visualisation is to exercise influence over the subconscious mind in such a way as to cause it to give out the thoughts that will make the Universe respond by giving us the things we want. Visualisation therefore works by continually driving the right thoughts into our subconscious in order that that these may take priority over others when the mind does its job of processing the vast store information it receives on a daily basis. Affirmations are a great tool in this regard because they enable you to express your goals in the right language and help to keep your mind focused on the things you want rather than the lack of them. 


    However, it is important that your affirmations are worded in such a way as to make them believable. They must be believable because if you do not believe them then they will be ineffective. 

    In addition, affirmations should be worded in the present tense, not future tense. If the benefits you are seeking are seen as coming in some obscure future timeframe, you will not feel the emotional element in your affirmations, and this emotional element is very important because emotion is the language of the subconscious mind. 

    One good way to meet both of these requirements is to write your affirmations in such a way that they focus on the process rather than the end result. Instead of saying, "I have a lot of money," you could say, "My financial situation is getting better by the day." The latter is easier to believe than the former, especially if you do not yet have a lot of money. 


    Examples of Affirmations

    The key to devising affirmations to increase your abundance is to 

    1) focus on changing unsatisfactory circumstances and 

    2) affirm the perceived better circumstances. This involves making a list of the things you want to change in your life right now. 

    Regardless of whether it is to do with your financial situation, relationships, health, even your career, you should write a statement for each scenario and affirm that it is getting better. 

    The following is an example of the types affirmations you should use:

    I effortlessly attract abundance wherever I go. 

     - Every day my financial situation is improving. 

     - I trust in my ability to bring forth better circumstances.

     - My inner guidance leads me to lucrative opportunities. 

     - I have what it takes to create an amazing life. 

     - I am eager to take advantage of the many opportunities that come my way. 

     - I am grateful for the limitless abundance I have right in my life right now.

    Once you have articulated you affirmations in the manner described, the biggest challenge is to then remember to say the affirmations daily. It often helps to write your affirmations on little cards or pads and post them where you will see them frequently. Place them on your desk at work, in your car, and in other places where you will see them frequently. With enough repetition, it becomes easier to keep up with your affirmations and your abundance consciousness will grow to become a part of you.
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  • Great Advice and right on point thanks D. Angela, so very helpful and inspiring!!
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