• How To Boost Your Creative Abilities

    Creativity and innovation are two important ingredients that contribute to the success of modern entrepreneurs. These help you create new insights, fresh ideas, and enhanced solutions to old problems. Here are a few tips on how to improve your creative abilities:

    I. Think Like a Child

    There are not limits to a child's imagination. As we age, we become less creative because we let rationality and logic stop our minds from traveling far away. Their lack of inhibitions allows them to come up with brighter ideas, crazier solutions, and more enjoyable stories. Trying to act like children is not being negatively childish and immature - it is only allowing your brain to push itself beyond its imaginative limits.

    II. See Things with Brand New Eyes

    Every time you are presented with an old scene, routine, hobby, or activity, pretend to experience it for the first time. Zen practitioners explain this as seeing things with brand new eyes. It allows you to become open to new angles, sights, and experiences that you have not noticed before. 

    III. Get Out of the Couch

    Throw away lazy habits and say goodbye to your career as a couch potato. Laziness freezes your thoughts and leads you into being stuck to the same old paradigms and patterns of thinking. It prohibits you from exploring possibilities.

    IV. Sweat It Out

    Exercise - it does more than giving you a supermodel body, it can also boost your creativeness. Research suggest that at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day can help a person produce more innovative thoughts. It can also release endorphins or "happy hormones". Endorphins are known to create lighter and more positive moods. According to psychologists, people come up with the most creative thoughts ever time their positive emotions are running high.

    V. Get Some Rest

    Plenty of studies have proven that naps and quick breaks between work tasks can help recharge the brain. An overly stressed mind can no longer have the capacity to develop new insights and solutions. Resting replenishes the mind and makes neurons work more efficiently.

    VI. Dare to Fail

    Do not be afraid of failure or making mistakes. Desiring to be perfect and becoming preoccupied about what others might think can paralyze your capacity for idea generation.

    VII. Open Yourself to Creative Pursuits

    Just because you work in a corporate environment, it does not mean that you have to limit yourself to activities involved in your field. Open yourself to other activities such as dance, art, music, and sports. This widens your perspectives and provides you with new sources of inspiration.

    Following these creative thinking techniques can definitely make you a better innovator. As the world becomes more competitive, it is important to develop ideas and solutions that stand out. This can definitely help you strengthen your enterprise and achieve promising success.
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