• How Learning Article Marketing And Knowing How to Submit Articles Benefits You

    Article-MarketingCould you answer the question ‘What is article marketing’ with authority and confidence? Likely not, and nor are you likely to know how to submit articles to the article directories and websites most likely to bring you the highest return in terms of visitors and ultimate sales.

    What Is Article Marketing

    Article marketing is the process of writing articles for online publication, and using these articles to market or advertise your websites and individual web pages online so as to attract traffic to these pages.

    Article marketing involves several stages, each requiring a specific skill such as your writing ability and your knowledge of how to submit articles to the more important forms of publication. Although to become adept in either of these is a skill well worth possessing, being knowledgeable in both can make you a great deal of money if traffic to your site is liable to help you achieve that.

    Here are the stages involved in article marketing, presented in the order that you would use to achieve good results. It is assumed that you are already using a niche website which might fall into any one or more of these categories:

    • A business you are using to sell your own products online.
    • An affiliate marketing online home business.
    • An online MLM or network marketing business.
    • A normal offline business that uses a website for promotional purposes.
    • A business that provides internet or online services: Web design services, for example, or SEO or article writing.

    These are five simple examples, but there are others: products can be either downloadable eBooks or software, or services such as hairdressing, dog grooming, or even online universities.

    1. Keyword Research

    First you must research the keywords that are best suited to your article. Those you select should be used by as few others as possible on their own web pages, and should be used by as many people as possible carrying out a web search on Google. One of the best free keyword research tools you can use is Google’s Keyword Tool External.

    You should use your choice of keyword once in the title, and also in the article itself, and each article should be written using a different main keyword. Your main keyword should be used once in each of the title, the introductory paragraph and the final paragraph and also once more for each 300 words in the main part of the article.

    2. Choose a Title

    The title must contain your chosen keyword right at the start: You may also employ a second keyword later in the title, as you will see in my title for this article. It is the title that people see first, and that will either persuade them to click further and read the article or put them off so they leave forever. Search engines, particularly Google, regard the title as a very important aspect of an article – or any web page for that matter – and will have a significant impact on whether or not the article gets a high listing position.

    3. Write the Article

    The article should be well written with no spelling errors or errors in grammar. There was a time when grammar and spelling were not so important, but this has now been tightened up and few article directories will now accept badly written articles that Google is unlike to index, let alone list.

    The content of your article must be directly related to the title, and must persuade the reader that you know your subject well. If not, don’t expect many to click on your resource.

    4. The Resource

    The resource contains links to your Home Page or individual internal web pages. Most sites permit two text an HTML links, although some allow only one and a few three. Many directories offer an easy way to insert links without you needing to understand HTML, but be absolutely certain that your anchor text or links lead readers to a page that is directly connected to the topic of your article.

    The resource is the reason you are writing your article, and ideally, you should write a different resource for each article that has been optimized just for that article. You will find the resources use here at the end of this article – you can use these as a template but they are specifically intended for my personal needs.

    5. How to Submit Articles

    Knowing how to submit articles is the crux of article marketing. Not just ‘how’ they should be submitted, but also ‘where’ they are submitted. You get good and bad directories, but most are OK to use. It takes time, but you will eventually learn which are good to use and which are not.

    You could do it yourself, or you could employ the services of an article submission service. Many people pass this on to the experts to carry out, because article submission is the most profitable and critical aspect of article marketing, and also one of the more skillful tasks. The following are examples of the main forms of publication that should be employed by any good article submission service for your articles:

    a) Article Directories: Ezine Articles, Article Rich, iSnare, Go Articles and many more

    b) PDF Directories: Scribd, Crocodoc, Docstoc, Docshare plus others

    c) Social Bookmarking; Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and more

    You can do all of this yourself, or have a professional writing and submission service do it for you: the choice is yours. The benefits are many, including multiple backlinks, visitors from readers, Google PageRank points and live links spread all over the web.

    You will always benefit by using article marketing, and once you have learned how to submit articles to article directories you will have a profitable skill that you will never lose throughout your online career

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