• How Do You Know If It Is Time For A New Job?

    Do you get the Sunday afternoon blues? You know what this is…it is that feeling of dread on Sunday afternoons when you realize you have to go to work on Monday. Is it time for a new job? Are you looking at your current situation and wishing you were somewhere else? There is no better time that the present. You owe it to yourself to see what is out there, to know what you are worth.

    Putting the wheels in motion to look for a new job can be the most challenging part.

    While contemplating a job change, the first action step is to start networking and making the best use of your down time. Lunch, dinner and happy hour meetings are one of the best ways to use down time to connect with other people. It is a social and informal setting where you could casually probe about potential openings or ask if anyone knows of a job in your area of expertise.

    The next thing that needs to be done is to get your resume updated. I don’t care if it has been 2 years or 20 years since you last looked at your resume, it needs to be updated! Whether you do it yourself, hire a service to help, or consult the Internet, be sure that your resume is perfect. It needs to highlight what is special about you and your abilities and downplay any deficiencies. Remember that this is the first time that potential employer is seeing your work. Make sure it is dazzling!

    Actually looking for a new job is time consuming. This is the next logical step in the process but many get bogged down or stalled out during this important phase. It can be daunting to think about looking everywhere in the world, or state, or even town for a job. So instead of putting it off, outsource it! Hire a company to help you look for all of the available jobs out there and then you can focus your search on the results. It is a time saving step, especially if you are currently working at the job you wish to leave.

    Keep in mind during this whole process that you still work for someone. Someone who is paying you. Be smart about using your personal time and personal resources to get your resume together. Sending out resumes from your company computer or using your work telephone number as a contact number is not a smart idea.

    Good luck on this new journey, I hope it leads to a new job…and fast! Even if you are not certain it is time to move on, keep in mind that you don’t turn down opportunities, just offers!

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