• Give Your Career Search a Boost with Staffing Agencies

    If you are unemployed or trying to find a better career opportunity, chances are that you have experienced some frustrating moments. Although the economy is recovering, the number of available jobs is still limited, and competition is tough. However, there are steps you can take to broaden your job search horizons and find your ideal job much faster and easier. Some of the best tools at your disposal to accomplish this are staffing agencies.

    Staffing agencies are companies that supply temporary and permanent contract employees to a variety of businesses. Employment can be part time, full time or seasonal. You will be told in advance how long the position will last and whether or not it is temporary or permanent contract work. Although you work at the company you are assigned to, you work for the staffing agency. Any benefits you receive such as paid holidays are handled through the agency. They act as a liaison and will handle any problems you have regarding your employment.

    There are several advantages to using a staffing agency to find employment. The biggest advantage is that the agency does most of the work for you. They will match you to openings that you are qualified for that meet your criteria. They will “sell” you to the company and arrange meetings so each of you can gauge whether or not it is an ideal fit. Another good reason to use a staffing agency is that even if the position only lasts for a few months, it will give you a steady paycheck while you gain some work experience. You will also have new professional contacts and references to help you obtain future employment.

    To get started, do research on some staffing agencies in your area. Find some that come highly recommended. After you make your selections, contact the agencies and make appointments to go in and register with them. They will tell you what you need to bring with you to sign up. In most cases, you will need the following: two forms of identification such as your driver’s license and social security card, an up-to-date resume in paper and electronic formats, your work history for the past five to ten years, three professional references, and any certifications or licenses you possess.

    On the day of your appointment, dress in business casual or business formal attire. Arrive between 10 to 15 minutes early. Be prepared to fill out a good deal of paperwork. You will also probably be asked to take one or more skill assessment tests. After all this is finished, you will speak with the person who has been assigned to be your recruiter. He or she will discuss your goals with you and initiate the job search process on your behalf.

    Staffing agencies are a tremendous benefit to anyone searching for a job. They will help get on the right track to find the new opportunity you have been searching for. If you want some extra assistance, contact some agencies today.

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