• Do You Have To Be Self-Motivating Or Can Others Motivate You?

    Does anybody else actually care if you are motivated? Obviously, all of us have a few people in our lives that care, and some that depend on us being motivated. However most people are busy getting on with their own lives and dealing with their own concerns. They are working to motivate themselves, unless they are paid to motivate you - a manager or sports coach. However they can only give you so much and be with you only a certain amount of time. Only your own self-motivation skills will give you lasting sustainable drive and enthusiasm.

     1. People will let you down. They may not do it intentionally. You may have decided to look to a certain person to get strength and motivation but they may not know that. Even if they did know it, they may not be able to take on the responsibility of keeping you going. Most of the time they will have to focus on their own life and devote energy to that. You will always come behind their needs.

     2. Others do not know what really motivates you. You are the only one that can know what you really want and what will drive you. Often, you have to search deeply to find this. It is too much to expect others to spend the time doing this or even to care enough to do it. Others may know what motivates most people but this does not mean the same things motivate you. Until you can answer this question yourself, you will find it hard to work towards worthwhile goals.

     3. Motivation from others is generally short-lived. We have all experienced the feeling of enthusiasm and excitement after a stirring speech or a pep talk by a manager or coach. We have all been lifted after talking a problem over with a friend or someone close to us. But this does not last unless you can find a way to keep that feeling going yourself.

     4. Others cannot be responsible for your life. They cannot be responsible for your success or failure. If you cannot stir yourself to work towards your own success development why should others care? There is nothing wrong with using others and their motivational strategies to help you with self-motivation, but that is not the same as depending on others to keep you going.

     5. Real motivation comes from within. Real strength comes form within. You need a good supply of both if you are going to achieve any worthwhile goals. While you may get temporary motivation from others, you will get just as much demotivating. How do you handle that if you do not have inner drive and determination? How will you deal with that if you have to depend on other people to continually supply your will to achieve? 

    While you will get help and support from some people along the way, you will travel the road to success and achievement on your own. 

    The drive to do this has to come from within you. You can do this by using techniques and strategies devised by others and adopting them as your own. Learn self-motivation techniques that work best for you and use them regularly - daily if possible. In the end, only you can motivate you.
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