• Controlling Life: The Choices You Make Will Help You Control Life

    Controlling life is about making choices that will result in moving you closer to the sort of person you want to be or to the kind of life you want to have. To achieve this you have to have a clear understanding of what you want. This means you have to have a set of rules or a standard of behavior or clear goals in your life so you know what you want. Your choices - your decisions - will put you in control so you get the outcomes you want.
    Here are some examples of how you can control life through the choices you make:

    1. One of your goals is to advance in your job, which would also be an important step in your career. You have been asked to make a presentation to an important client or to management or board members. This is a great opportunity to show your talents. You get a phone call from an old friend to catch up the night before the presentation. You know this always ends in a late night drinking session. 

    You know if you do this you will not be at your best. You need to be cleared-headed and well prepared, and you wanted to go over the presentation once more. You can decide that your job is not going to run your life and go out that night or you can postpone the meeting with your friend. You have a choice to make, which puts you in control. The decision you make will control the outcome. 

    2. You have a job interview with a company that you have been keen to work for as it will move you in the right career direction. You know they are a conservative company and they like their people to dress conservatively and the men to be clean-shaving. 

    You do not like this style of dress and, as a woman, you like to wear fairly casual clothes or short dresses or clothes that show off you cleavage. As a man, you prefer not to wear ties or to wear business suits or you have a full beard in which you take some pride. You have a choice: to present yourself in the best way to get the job or dress as you please. Your choice determines the outcome. 

    3. Your doctor tells you to lose some weight and do some exercise, otherwise you will probably have some health problems in the future. You are already feeling uncomfortable with your weight and you don't feel as healthy as you would like. But to lose weight means you will have to cut down on or give up some of your favourite foods. Some of these are a very important part of your lifestyle: you enjoy dining out with friends or having a few drinks at the end of the day. You do not want to have to change this. You have to make a choice - enjoy your lifestyle now and pay later or change your lifestyle and enjoy a healthier way of life. 

    You are in control of your life because you have the power to choose.

    Controlling life is about exercising the power of choice, which influences outcomes. You cannot completely control life and all its uncertainties, but you can shape life to your liking and build the life you want by the choices you make. To this extent, you can take control of life.
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