• Best Selling Ebay Items: A Brief Guide

    by: Amanda O’Brien

    3419734_f248There is a wide host of things up for sale in eBay, from the small things like ballpoint pens to huge items such as couches and refrigerators. But among them all, there are always the best selling eBay items, the things that people really start bidding wars on to own and that sell faster than you can say “Paypal.” These “hot” items are those that sellers are very competitive about, especially the big-name companies in categories like electronics or nutritional supplements.

    If you intend to begin making an inroad into selling on eBay, be guided accordingly. Find your niche; if you want to enter the big leagues, you should have a substantial capital and good connections from various manufacturers. Also, you’ll need special licenses and permits for some items, so you don’t inadvertently violate any laws or eBay policies. According to research, here are some of the best selling eBay items to date.

    Best Selling eBay Items: Special Occasion Supplies

    There’s nothing like a wedding, baptism or birthday to sell and sell well. Grand and special occasions always require things to be bought in bulk, and specialized items like for example, a great mother-of-the-groom gift or thank-you favors for a bridal shower. Wedding and party supplies like disposable cutlery, table decorations, specialty paper and so on are worthwhile investments. You can buy these items in bulk at wholesale retailers or factory outlets and profit from selling them in lots of 5-10 pieces on eBay. Or you can create your own unique looks or themed-items that people will find attractive.

    Best Selling eBay Items: Beauty Products

    In a world obsessed with beauty and looking beautiful, you’re sure to find no lack of customers if you choose to go for this niche. Just be sure you’re not breaking any rules with the beauty product manufacturers in hawking certain brand names. Also, eBay has strict policies regarding selling used cosmetics, so be careful. Sunscreen, men’s toiletries (shaving cream, razors, deodorant), cosmetic and toiletry bags, pouches and boxes, insect repellant, perfumes and perfume bottles, tanning lotions, hair products and even those gift baskets filled with an assortment of bath-and-body items are all selling well.

    Best Selling eBay Items: Home Decor 

    Who doesn’t want to prettify their homes with a knick-knack or two? Common household décor and utilitarian items are easy to sell on eBay. These include the things you find in a linen closet: towels, sheets, pillowcases, comforters and blankets. For the rest of the house, rugs, throws, afghans, cushions, mirrors, vases, framed artwork, wall decorations and lamps are all orders easily filled. The more unique, antique or vintage an item is, the more likely it will sell and the higher it will go for. A gilded oval mirror from the 1900s for example, may gain more bids than the usual white, medical-type of bathroom mirror.

    Again, find your niche on eBay. The more you know and are interested in a specific are, the better for you as a seller as people will expect you to be able to answer their questions regarding items for sale. As long as you have an idea of the best selling eBay items, you’re sure to make your way into the business quickly enough!

    Best Selling Ebay Items: A Brief Guide

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