• Appreciate Your Blessing

    "We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude." -Cynthia Ozick

    I was compelled to write this article after a comment I received. In a blog I wrote I was talking about being thankful for our blessings. I mentioned that we should be grateful for the many things that we often take for granted; the ability to walk, to talk and see, our health and people we love etc. I couldn't possibly list them all!

    As you can imagine, being in the business to inspire and encourage people to live a better life that last thing I would intend is to ever make anyone feel bad. But, for some reason this came across the wrong way and it offended this person because they had a physical disability. 

    The reality is we all have disabilities in our lives but that doesn't mean that we can't go on to have a great life. We can overcome our struggles regardless of what they are.

    There are people who have physical disabilities that you can see with your eyes. And, then there are disabilities that you can't see on the outside. But what goes on inside of a person can be debilitating to fully living a life with joy, peace and happiness.

    Some people may be able to walk but they go nowhere because they are crippled by their fears. Some people can see but they are blinded by their emotions and beliefs. Some people can hear, but they never really listen.

    And then there are people who may be blind but they can see the beauty that shines from the soul. They may not be able to hear but in their silence they are closer to God. They may not be able to walk but they are further in their spiritual journey than many.

    It is when we overcome our disabilities, when we struggle through our impairments and come through our adversities; it not only makes us become are true authentic self, but once we move beyond what imprisons us, whether seen or unseen, that is the light within that shines the way on our path in life.

    So, I try and keep my mind focused on my blessings to make my struggles less powerful. I try and stay in a place of being thankful when I want to moan and complain and I try and be a light to others when they feel darkness surrounds them.

    We all have our dis-abilities, but once conquered; it gives us the ability to fully live, laugh and love!
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