• Always Have Hope

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    Life always seems have it’s ups and downs. Sometimes we get caught up in the whirlwind of life and we don’t know how to stop and get off. Situations occur, relationships come and go, jobs change, people move away, people pass away, and people get beaten down by life in general. Some discover outlets that relieve their stress such as church, friends, meditation, vacations, hobbies etc. Others find their stress level temporarily relieved by taking drugs, speeding in their cars, fighting, arguing and various harmful and negative actions. People may find themselves lost and without hope. While concentrating on living they are just in a survival mode. When people live as if their life is empty and without hope then the human condition takes over. Our ego is grounded in this world. It focuses on worldly desires in order to feed itself to become more ego-driven. The more a person lives his/her life with their ego in control the less they will feel connected to spirit.

    Having a spiritual connection means having a connection to God, our power source. We came here to live a spiritual life in a human body. There are many situations that occur on earth in which we can learn powerful lessons that will spiritually elevate us here and after we pass away and live in our spiritual bodies. We will encounter many hard and sometimes profoundly difficult lessons and our job is to learn from each and every person and situation that crosses our path. We’re all connected because of our humanity and because we all came from the same power source. Instead of living our lives in isolation or sometimes always in competition with others we should live our lives in harmony. The term harmony feels foreign to some people but it can bring happiness and love into your life.

    There is a simple way to bring love, hope, charity, compassion and truth into your life. Take the time to be still and to be quiet. Take the “busy” out of your life. Find a time during your hectic schedule to devote to yourself. I usually find that the best time for me is in the very early morning hours before people are awake. The world outside is quiet and I can hear the birds chirping. If it’s easier for you, then close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nostrils then slowly out through your mouth. Do this until your breathing has a rhythm and it helps you to relax, clear your mind and focus from within.

    Then visualize the white light all around and through you. You may also at this time visualize the divine light of forgiveness for you and for others. This light of forgiveness is deep purple with sparkles of gold that looks like glitter. Take the time to experience this. Then ask God for peace, understanding, truth and integrity, compassion and empathy, and unconditional love for yourself and for others. Be still and ask for guidance and protection as you live out your day. Help other souls through kind deeds no matter how small it may be with a smile, kindness, a nice gesture and patience. Ask for the gift of not judging others because each of us has our own path to walk in this world with our own experiences and lessons.

    See the world from your higher self or from your higher consciousness. And remember the universal truth that whatever goes around comes around. Whatever you do, think, or say comes back to you no matter if it’s positive or negative. Our words can never be erased. Be careful and thoughtful as you live your life here. Live your life with gusto. Learn to have a positive outlook on life. When you are good with yourself then you will be good to others. Peace, love and happiness to you and keep hope alive!

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