• A Loving Plea

    As the holidays grow near we all know that this time of year brings an increase in crime, drinking and driving.  We all like to enjoy the holiday season although some of us enjoy more than others, I emplore those who are party goers to be careful in your actions. And friends of those that may party just a little too much be a friend and be their designated driver.  There is always an increase of death around the holidays with majority of them being by car accidents.  Just recently here in Philadelphia there was a five car pile up on the expressway and just this morning in my neighborhood a young man stole a mini van and crashed damaging to other vehicles.  

    Now, the turned over vehicle was stolen from a nearby neighbor, there were three victims in this situation, the woman who car was stolen and the two owners of the vehicles the stolen car hit. Now the driver of the stolen car got away and as far as it is known unharmed. Now this could have be a very deadly situation had there been people on the street 5:30 am today when this vehicle came barriering around the corner.  Was the young man under the influence or was he stealing the van for a joy ride no matter, three lives were change and three peoples holidays will be affected. The young man ran and left the seen of the accident, all those who witness the young man get out of the vehicle and run only one person got involved and gave a police statement. 

    Let’s avoid the dangers that come with drinking and driving, lets respect the rules of the road and each other.  Stop running stop signs, stop riding above the speed limit, use your turn signals, don’t drink if you do not have anyone to drive you home.  No amount of partying is worth the guilt you will have to live with if you take a life.  As a victim of someone else lack of respect for the rules of the road, I am blessed to still be among you.  Be mindful of the life you may take from someone else, be thoughtful of the children that me be in someone elses car.  Let’s be our brothers and sisters keeper!

    The Life you save maybe your own!

    Enjoy your holiday and let everyone enjoy theirs!


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