• A Guide to Simplifying Your Life

    When you’re chatting with your Aunt on the phone, texting your friend in Texas, writing a research paper that’s due in two days while simultaneously tweeting every moment of it…you may become a little stressed out. Lucky for you, I’ve figured out how to stop all of this …I’ve always been someone who seeks out peace and simplicity and throughout my quest I’ve learned a thing or two. Here is my guide on how to declutter your life…

    Just breathe – So my biggest discovery in my so called “quest for peace” was how powerful simple breathing could be. If you feel overwhelmed with the world…just breathe…it will release all of your stress and tensions. If you have forgotten why you wake up every morning and why you try so hard…just breathe…it will get your mind focused once again. If you feel like you can’t stop worrying…just breathe… it will calm you and stop the worrying entirely. Breathing calms the body and brings you back to equilibrium;so next time any sort of negative feeling(s) overcome you…just breathe…

    Purge all of the clutter- Look around you right now… how much clutter is there? Clutter gives your mind the feeling of oppression… Going a little deeper. where does clutter come from?? clutter is basically from our inability to let go of the past. It comes from emotional attachments to objects that have significance to us. Living in the past is unhealthy…Start off by putting a lot of them away and work from there… An open workspace with limited clutter does wonders for your creativity and peace of mind.

    Find time for yourself- Artist’s masterpieces are usually done in solitude…philosophers were often known to venture alone into the woods for extended periods of time… although time with loved ones is a precious gift of life…I believe time alone is almost as precious. Alone time allows you to organize and unwind your thoughts… it allows you to find yourself and to become at peace with the self you found.

    Find time to disconnect- I love technology… but it’s undeniable that it does a toll to your peace of mind. So when you’re feeling a little stressed out;turn off the TV and read a book… shut off the TV and go for a jog; or as I mentioned earlier…just Breathe…


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