• 9 Clues That Tell You It’s Time To Start Your Own Business

    A lot of successful business owners will tell you - there's no better time to 
    start your own business than now. If you procrastinate on a dream, then your 
    interest and motivation will falter.

    But we all know that not all people are cut out to be business owners - even if 
    it is their ultimate dream. There are some clues that will tell you if you are - proper timing, sufficient funding, and unwavering motivation

    So how do you tell when you are ready? There are no clear-cut ways, but there 
    are clues, and here are some of them... 

    Running a business is your passion. Note - YOUR passion, and not the passion of 
    your family, or your partner, or just something you need to do. When you find 
    yourself constantly and tirelessly dreaming of owning your business, and when you
    know you have an excellent and profitable business idea, then this is the first 
    and most important indication that you are ready. Remember, dreams can sometimes be mere whims, but when you are really passionate about something, then you will be determined to see an idea through both the good times and rough patches.

    You know what needs to be done, and not afraid to make the decisions. One of the top requirements of a business owner, making the right decisions at the most 
    crucial times is essential to the success of a business. You are calm and 
    level-headed when faced with obstacles, and you have no problem formulating a 
    plan and seeing it to fruition.

    The idea of making money excites you. The thought of working for your success 
    makes you excited. The stories of multi-billionaires starting with a mere dream 
    such as yours make you eager to give it a go. Remember - sometimes it's not the 
    concept or the capital that makes a business a huge success, but the zeal, 
    determination and undying enthusiasm the business owner has.

    You like the idea of setting your own deadlines and managing your own priorities.Perhaps the main reason why most people want to put up their own businesses is to
    have control over their own time, and not be barked on by a boss. Although this 
    clue probably won't bring you to success, it certainly will fuel your desire to 
    go out and create your greener pastures.

    You want to do things which are immensely interesting to you. There's no point in
    entering a business in a niche or field you hate, so the best provocation would 
    be the thought of doing something you enjoy - while earning. Use your hobbies, 
    likes and skills as a source of inspiration for your business concept/idea. Make the art of making money an art of having fun too.

    You are excited by the thought of doing challenging things. When you work at a 
    regular job, you most likely do the same things over and over day-in, day-out. 
    When you have your own business, you can learn and do new and challenging things,and learn to stretch your capabilities beyond the norm. If you love the thought 
    of acquiring new knowledge and skills, then starting a business is a good way to exercise this option. 

    You get to work at a location of your choice. You may opt to work from home, or 
    from a beach, or in some exotic location - and since it's your business, then 
    your wish is always that which comes true. A lot of business owners like the 
    thought of working right beside their family members and kids, and this is 
    possible if you will be given the option of working from your house. 

    Your dreams do not seem too hard to reach. When you are at that point when you 
    think your goals are not daunting, but attainable when you think struggles will 
    be peanuts compared to what you are going through as an employee - then you know you have what it takes to succeed in your own business. Use this enthusiasm, 
    determination and optimism to fuel your quest for your own company. Not even 50% of the current business owners have that same kind of drive, so take advantage of
    your own capabilities!

    You know you are ready to shift careers. Probably the point of realization for 
    most people who went into business, knowing when to stop being someone else's 
    employee and start being your own boss is the best indicator that the time is 
    now. Don't procrastinate on your dream - lest your interest wanes. Do it now - 
    while you still have the drive. Don't wait until a regular job has robbed you of your self-confidence. Leave your job while you still have that undying belief in your own abilities.

    If you see that most of these clues are calling out to you - then it's time to 
    e-think your career path and make a move for that dream which truly excites you.
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