• 7 Skills People Should Master To Be Successful

    A lot of people spend so much time developing skills that are not vital in every person's life. Like, sure, it would be handy once in a while to know how to repair a broken lamp, but it is not vital to one's existence. Some people master the art of repairing their car, but we could hire someone else to do it for us. We can learn how to sew an entire dress, but we can buy ready to wear clothes from any clothing store. In short, there are just some skills that are not essential if they are not applicable in your personal life.

    But there are just some that people simply cannot do without because they directly tie up with everyday living. Examples of these maybe knowing how to read and write or use a computer - these skills are vital when any person does another thing necessary - which is to earn a living. Of course, without a steady source of income, you will not have food to eat, a house to live in or clothes to wear.

    In order to survive in any job, and to be successful at it, there are simply some skills that one cannot do without. You learn these skills over time, experience and constant practice. As you work on them more seriously, you increase your chances of being successful.

    Here are 7 of the master skills any ambitious potentially-successful person must know.

    How to prioritize and to manage time. In any job, a schedule is essential. There must be a deadline or an allotted amount of time to accomplish tasks, otherwise, work will drag on forever without full completion. Success depends on effective action, and part and parcel of effectively is to be able to do task well within a schedule. A successful person knows how to properly prioritize the more important things over the less vital. With the increasing amount of distractions surrounding us, time management is a much-needed skill - and definitely something any person must learn.

    Logical and informed decision making. In life, you can never be successful without making decisions. It is a prerequisite to action - unless you plan on acting without thinking. Logical and sound decision making is knowing how to act based on the information and facts present. Remember - it is not about how quickly you can decide, but it is more on being able to make the best decisions based on the circumstances you are faced with.

    Basic accounting and money management. Are you one of those who seem to constantly be in a quandary about where your money went? Do you leave the house with a pocketful of money, then be puzzled when you get home and discover how much you have left? Well then, you can never be successful if you cannot even fully account for every dollar of your own personal money. Imagine being responsible for the funds of an entire company? Basic accounting, no matter how simple, is crucial to the individual success of a person. You must know how to spend money - wisely or on once in a while whims. Like they say, it does not matter how much you earn, but what matters is how much you save. Money, whether we admit it or not, keeps a roof over our heads, food in our bellies - which are some of man's most basic necessities. Knowing how to properly manage your money and income is a skill that not only helps one survive - it also is the key towards a sound and secure future.

    Effective communicating and negotiating. To be successful, give people the information they need, rather than expect them to know what they should know. Don't rely on actions too much, because sometimes actions can be misinterpreted, and seen within the context of the beholder. Instead of making people read you mind, master the art of proper and effective communication. And when there are time when miscommunication happens, be able to "negotiate" and defend your point - within reason, without offense to anyone. Always be honest and sincere when speaking - even when you must relay bad news. Remember the saying, it is better to be slapped with the truth than to be kissed with a lie. 

    Relationship networking. The key to survival nowadays in business is to be able to establish as many contacts and relationships as possible. They may be business relationships, friendships, or a client-supplier relationship. The ability to stay afloat relies on a business person's ability to earn the trust and confidence of as many people as possible. 

    Positivity. When people act according to how they feel, then their actions will be greatly influenced by their mindset. When you are optimistic and see the lesson behind every failure, then you are always eager to get up and try again. When you are pessimistic and encounter failure, there's a big chance you will never get up after a fall. No matter how bad things may be, having positivity in your life will always make the world seem brighter and happier, and life is easier to live.

    Self-discipline. Discipline is acting rightly when no one else is watching. Although it is a trait, it is also a skill - meaning, you can develop it over time and patient sacrifice. It involves acting according to what is right, and giving up other more enjoyable things while being trusted to do a task. You have all the time in the world to do other things, but it takes self-discipline to give a task 100% of your attention when temptations abound. Self-discipline is ultimately that which will lead you towards success.
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