• 6 Industries That Are Actually Hiring

    Of course you want to love your job. You want to do something you believe in, something you are energized by and something you are proud to do. But I can promise you, even your ideal job will absolutely exhaust you and even embitter you if it’s hardly making you enough cash to get by. See if you could fall in love with any of these 6 jobs that are surprisingly paying well.

    Environmental Scientists

    Environmental scientists study technology and techniques to preserve something almost as important as our own person health–the health of our planet. We couldn’t do much without it. That explains why this industry seems to always be hiring. They will see a 27.6% increase by 2016.

    Gaming and sports books writers

    What do people do when they just can’t get a break financially? Or just aren’t making money? They gamble, literally. And they’ll invest a large sum to learn how to do this well. This field can look forward to a 28% increase by 2016.

    Marriage and family counselors

    It’s said the most important thing is family, which could be why everybody cries “counselor!” any time an issue comes up in their relationship with their partner or their kids. This industry can expect a 29.8% increase by 2016.

    Financial Analysts

    It should be no surprise that, since money is hard to come by today, people take special care to be sure they spend theirs, invest theirs or save theirs in the best way. Financial analysts are rarely out of work and the field can look forward to a 33.8% increase by 2016.

    Dental assistants

    Think about it: how many moments do you actually see your dentist when at his or her office? Usually, he pops in to say hello, give his assistant some instructions and the assistant does everything else. Dental assistants are like the little working elves to a very important figure, your dentist, which is why they can anticipate a 29.2% increase by 2016.

    Theatrical and performance makeup artists

    With shows like “The Voice” and “Dancing with the Stars” gaining major followings, the skills of a good makeup artist have become more valuable. Today, it’s not just the ticket-paying crowd filling the theater seats watching a performance, but sometimes the whole world. My friend is a voice coach but also a professional singer who has gone on many shows like American Idol and The Voice, and she says all of her makeup artists carry designer bags and drive luxury cars. “I should change professions from teaching singing lessons to taking makeup lessons!” she always jokes. If her students read this they may decide they no longer want to learn how to sing but learn how to use a blush brush.

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