• 5 Tools That Can Help You Grow Your Business




    If you’re a startup running your business with little to no staff, but you want and need to get results and growth of an established company.  It is valuable to new business owners to automate because your time is one of your greatest restriction.

    Well here is some affordable tools below which are simple-to-use, that can help you automate your business for faster growth. Best of all, these tools are made affordable.

    1. Shopify

    It doesn’t matter whether you have an online store or a brick and motar, Shopify can assist you in your payment process.

    Online entrepreneurs, you can plug your business into Shopify platform and build a customized online store with its vast library of templates. It gives you the ability to add products, with built in return and exchange policies, as well as set up state taxes and shipping rates with a few simple clicks.

    Shopify has great customer service,  with helpful set-up instructions and offers a retail location application for a checkout register.

    2. Infusionsoft

    This is for small businesses and startups needing sales and marketing solutions. Infusionsoft offers entrepreneurs a complete end-to-end sales and marketing-automation software that includes customer-relationship management, email marketing and effective lead capture. Perhaps the most brilliant thing about Infusionsoft is the platform’s ability to simply plug in other applications you might need.

    For example, if your online business storefront is set up through Shopify, Infusionsoft offers integration between its platform and Shopify, so your online shopping cart sales get captured and your leads and customers get plugged into your Infusionsoft CRM.

    3. Printful

    Make your own marketing materials with Printful. They will create and ship on demand a variety of custom products so you don’t have to carry inventory or stress on printing and shipping. Printful offers a wide variety of print-on-demand products ranging from hoodies and tees to coffee mugs and posters, so there are lots of options to choose from.

    The Printful plugs into Shopify online shopping-cart solutions, which makes setting up an online store easy as 1-2-3. No inventory to carry, no shipping, just make your designs, upload them into your Printful account, as your products sell, Printful manufactures and ships them for you automatically.

    4. ClickFunnel

    Sales funnels is a highly automated way to convert your site visitors into clients. When you have content you’ve created in a platform you want to get it out to the world, but what happens once they click on your content? Driving your content viewers into a sales funnel is a great way to effectively monetize your content.

    ClickFunnel has the templates for effective, easy-to-create sales funnels. There are several layouts to choose, such as landing pages for free webinars and white paper.  ClickFunnel automates the process, so once you set it up, its done.

    5. Sprout Social

    Using Social media is necessary for an entrepreneur, helps communicating, sharing and distributing your content. Measuring engagement, scheduling messages and interacting with your social followers can be complicated as well as time-consuming, especially if you have more than one person in your team responsible for social media.

    It keeps track of conversations and understand the metrics behind  various social-media content with Sprout Social.  The interface keeps lines of communication clear, while providing valuable insights into the conversations on your accounts, between your team and social followers. You can also automate sending messages with this scheduling tool.


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