• 4 Refreshing Tips On Turning Dreaded Mondays Into “Get It Done” Days

    Let me guess, you hate Mondays. 

    Mondays (or Moandays as I often called them), 
    are, after all the hardest day of the week on 
    which to get out of bed. Mondays are generally full of edgy, irritable, impatient people. 
    Mondays have a bad reputation for being a 
    "dreaded" day - usually signaling the end of a too-short weekend and the beginning of a 
    too-long work week. 
    Let's face it. Mondays seldom bring a feeling 
    of warmth and joy to our hearts. But, what if I
    were to tell you that Monday could be your new Saturday? What if Monday was now a day you looked forward to? Sound crazy? Crazy good is more like it. As business owners we constantly have to think about 
    everyone and everything,and often put our own needs last. Here are some tips for changes that can turn Mondays into Done Days that actually make the start of your
    week exciting. Yes, exciting! You'll have people looking at you wondering who the
    new you is, and wondering what happened to the old you. Don't be surprised if 
    they keep looking around for their grumpy old boss to appear! 
    Do you dread going to work? Is your office a cave? Are you buried in paperwork? 
    Guess what. If you said yes, your employees are saying yes, too. How can anyone 
    get anything done in an environment like that? They can't! 

    So, here are 4 refreshing tips that turn Mondays into Done Days:

    Tip 1: Feng Shui your attitude! Look around your business. Do you like what you 
    see? Is it inviting? What warms it up? What makes it feel welcoming? The thing 
    is, if you walk into your business and don't feel welcome and happy to be there, why would your employees (or customers) feel good about being there? The good 
    news is that you can make your office inviting without having to spend an arm and
    a leg. There are plenty of resources on colors, fabrics, Feng Shui--which can 
    sometimes mean just rearranging furniture to make the room more open and 
    welcoming, adding a water fountain or plants--and other things you can do to 
    brighten or warm up your business. And don't be shy about asking your team or 
    clients what they would like to see around the office that would make it more 
    inviting for them. Make your environment a warm, friendly inviting place to do 
    business and you'll get more done! 

    Tip 2: This is an important one and I mean a REALLY important tip. Set goals and write them down. Now, while you may think this isn't all that important, setting attainable weekly goals is a great way to turn Mondays into Donedays, where new 
    goals can be set. You, in a sense, compete with yourself, and if you decide to 
    involve your team, all the better! Encourage them to set their own goals. Here's the thing: Goals can be personal goals or business goals, or both. You are the 
    business owner. Maybe your goal is for your business to support something you 
    really want to do - like take a vacation, or retire early. Maybe your team has 
    a goal of saving up for something important to each of them. Whatever you're 
    aiming for, if you keep your goal in focus, then Mondays aren't dreaded. They're another day closer to reaching your goals! 

    Tip 3: Remember that time is an investment. While you can't get it back, you can make it work for you. I keep going back to an anonymous quote that says it all: "What you are doing on this day must be important because you are exchanging one 
    day of your life for it." And so is your team. Think about that and when you do, time will become precious and you'll use it more wisely. 

    Tip 4: Change your language. Usually when we think of having to "get things for 
    the office", we mentally picture our money draining out of the account, but 
    change your language. If you need things for the office, think of them as an 
    investment as well. You are "investing" in an office chair, computer, microwave, coffee whatever it is. And look at your team. Investing in a lunch once a month 
    could be the very best investment of all. It gives your team something to look 
    forward to and you something to feel good about. Talk about win-win. Don't want 
    to buy? Suggest a potluck. Let you and your employees cook something up that you all can share. Gather around the table together. You'll be amazed at what ideas 
    might surface just from having that time to relax, rejuvenate, and SHARE.
    We are human. As my colleague likes to say, "The only race we're in is the human race." We like to feel appreciated and we want to enjoy the company we keep, whether that's our actual business, or the people in it. So, take these tips to heart
    and shift your thoughts from Dreaded Mondays to exciting Get It Done Days. 
    Everyone, including you, your team, and your customers benefits!
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