• 4 Easy Steps In Keeping A Positive Attitude When You’re Unemployed

    In today’s economy, securing a steady source of income is a hard thing to do. And it’s difficult to be certain what would become of your career in the next couple of years. Unemployment is a threat that could pose serious damages to your sanity, health, economic status and social relationships.

    Job loss forces you to deal with various challenges such as loss of income, loss of professional identity, loss of self-confidence and a lot more. Furthermore, there are so many questions that you have to answer – how to cope financially, when and how will you get another job, how will you support your family, etc. Answering these questions and coping with unemployment could be devastating if not handled properly.

    The hardest part of losing a job and seeking for another is maintaining a positive attitude. It’s normal to feel hurt, sad or angry when you lose your job. But the good news is despite the challenges that unemployment may bring you, there are various things that you can do to in order to take control of yourself and the situation. Here are some tips to help keep your spirits high and survive the emotional roller coaster of job loss.

    1. Accept reality. One of the most difficult parts of job loss is acceptance. This is because it is much easier to dwell on what happened to you – how unfair the company was to you, things you should have done to avoid it, how unlucky you were, how much better your life would have been it you hadn’t lost your job, etc.

    Unless you stop wobbling around and letting yourself fall into the abyss of your emotions, you can never bounce out of your current state. The sooner you accept the fact that you are jobless and there is nothing you can do about it but look for another source of income, the sooner you will get on the next phase of your life.

    2. Stand up and do what you have to do. Don’t let yourself be idle for a long time. You need to move fast. But if you feel the need and can afford to give yourself a break, by all means do so. Take advantage of that opportunity to reflect and condition yourself to do the things that you have to do. Set your goals and make a plan. And when you’re ready to start hunting for a job treat it as a full-time job.

    3. Hang out with positive and employed people. Emotions are contagious. So, instead of surrounding yourself with other jobless people and joining their misery marathon, you need to be in the company of people who can lift you up and give you helpful tips on your job search. Wisely choose the people who you will hang out with and absorb their positivity.

    4. Look for that silver lining. Job loss shouldn’t have to be purely negative. You just have to find a deeper meaning for everything that has happened to you. Don’t just look on the surface but dig deep. Perhaps there is a lesson underneath it all or it is a sign that you should rethink your priorities and reevaluate your goals. Maybe your experience will make you a stronger and better person.

    Everything has a silver lining. It may be hard to find in certain circumstances. But when you do find it, it will give you a fresh start and a chance to rebuild yourself.

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