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    The business of business isn’t really all that complicated. While there is, of course, specific knowledge required for specific industries, this post encapsulates everything that you’ll need to know to survive and thrive in the business world.

    Business Without the Bullsh*t: 49 Secrets and Shortcuts You Need to Know

    The lists below are adapted and condensed from my recently published book,


    1. How to Become More Optimistic

    1. EXPECT something wonderful to happen every day.
    2. TREAT people as you’d want to be treated.
    3. DON’T waste breath fighting about things you can’t change.
    4. CONCENTRATE on the job at hand, not the results you seek.
    5. ASSUME other people mean well.
    6. AVOID depressing people and conversations.
    7. EAT something delicious every day.
    8. TURN OFF the background television.
    9. ADOPT an attitude of gratitude.
    10. REMEMBER that the best is yet to come.

    2. How to Eliminate Stress

    1. CULTIVATE the patience and perspective to let go of your results.
    2. FOCUS on what you’re doing now rather than the results.
    3. IF you’re overworked, negotiate a more reasonable workload.
    4. CUT your hours to the “sweet spot,” which is about 40 hours a week.
    5. AVOID people who won’t or can’t control their own stress.
    6. FIND a place where you can work quietly away from distractions.
    7. TURN OFF news programming that’s designed to rile you up.
    8. TURN DOWN projects that you can’t do well.
    9. STOP arguing with fools and strangers online.
    10. ARRANGE tasks consecutively rather than trying to multitask.

    3. How to Overcome Fear

    1. CONFRONT your fears head on to reduce their power.
    2. IMAGINE dealing with the fear to make it less daunting.
    3. REMEMBER that fear is just excitement in disguise.
    4. USE fear to spawn the energy you need to perform well.

    Everything you need to know about business, collected into a single handy article.

    Source: 37 Secrets Only Successful People Know | Inc.com

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