• 24 Ways To Create Multiple Streams of Income

    When I discuss different ways to increase cash flow with my coaching clients, I very often see just question marks in their eyes. Especially when I tell them that it doesn’t need to take much effort and time.

    But in many cases, we have our head too deep in our business and can’t see the wood for the tree.

    In that case, it can be valuable to use another person’s perspective and let them point out what you simply can’t see at the moment.

    Within the growth hacking process, there is the strategy to leverage current resources as much as possible. So, what do I mean by that?

    Usually there is something in the business that hasn’t been utilized yet, especially not in the most efficient way. It can be special skills of the founder team, traffic, marketing materials, personal networks etc. All of it can be converted into fresh cash inflows when you know how to use and convert them effectively.

    But every business and market is different. Therefore, there is no general approach to find your hidden cash flow in every business.

    However, there are some certain sources of income you might not have considered yet.

    Creating multiple streams of income is a very good strategy to boost cash flow in your startup. All of them are proven to generate cash flow. So go for it!

    Source: 24 Ways To Create Multiple Streams of Income

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